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Hey there! If you have come by to read some fan fic, have at it! I also post videos and such that I think will appeal to other writers, political progressives, artists, and fan geeks. I hope you find something in here that you enjoy reading or watching. Look to your left. Cheers!

Update 4/19/16: I guess it's time I updated this sticky, as I've been back for awhile, and as you can tell, posting fan fic again. Most of my posts are friend's locked these days for real life reasons. If you friend me and I know you, I'll friend you back. If I don't know you, I won't. I'm funny that way.

Current writing/want to be writing in fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Chronicles, Star Wars: Rebels, Once Upon a Time, Buffy/Angel, Agents of Shield, A Song of Ice and Fire, and maybe even more. My AO3 Archive, where everything is going these days.

Current non-fiction writing: Most of my writing these days can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi, where I strive to be my old amusing self, with scathing, yet squee filled reviews of my favorite shows. [Reviews by myself are on hold temporarily due to Life. But reviews are still happening, and are just as awesome as my own :-)]

New projects: [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts When one prompt isn't enough! [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan (for fans of mythology, fairy/folk tales, and urban legends) and [livejournal.com profile] aanime_fan (for fans of American animation, CGI, video games, and cartoons).

Heroes update: Do not expect any more Heroes fic from me. Sorry, but I burned myself out there. If there's any interest in what I had in mind for Rescue Me, let me know, and I will at least write up a summary/outline for closure's sake.

Original Fiction update: I am still working on my original novel/series - Grey World/Devi Nation. LGBTAIQ science fantasy. I've started posted short fics set in that universe, under original fiction.

Book One First Draft Progress:

73377 / 45000
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Ahhhhhhhh I am as relaxed and irritation free as one should be after a vacation. Unfortunately,  my brain is refusing to cooperate with me after so much action. I got home last night around five and immediately started working on a short story for publication.

Watched Twin Peaks, wrote some more, freaked out over the new Doctor, and went to bed. I slept really late and have been trying to get something done for posting to Terror or here, but so far, I'm just fumbling around, lol. I think I'll eat, get some tea in me, go over my notes from the weekend and try again in an hour or two.  Thankfully, I don't work until 6 tonight. 

Big prelim news though - Timothy Zahn was very friendly, and in a workshop he really liked one of my ideas :huge grin swoon:  I met a  couple localish writer/Twin Peaks fans that are now FB friends.  I learned some awesome info for writing and a few neat things about Star Wars. 

Talk to you all later, love and hugs! 

Con update

Jul. 15th, 2017 05:04 pm
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 Holy Cow, with the exception of one hour to go get autographs, I've been in the same chair all day, 9:30-5. Yeah, at least I'm not racing around between hotels missing half the panels I wanna go to. But also, chairs suck! The last workshop found me sitting on the floor, to escape the pain. I don't know how nine to fivers live like this, ugh. No wonder you get lots of vacations and health coverage-you need it more!

But again, so very happy to be in this workshop. now an hour to try and eat before panel on writing martial arts scenes. Tonight, I should get to see the goth band from Con Carolinas that I liked so much. I'll babble about awesome Zahn is when I'm on a real keyboard. 

Love and Hugs


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Whew, I made it. I was running late, so I didn't check into the hotel or unpack my car for three hours, but I made it to my first panel, a Q&A with Timothy Zanh, literally a minute before it began. And I am so glad I didn't give up hope to make it on time because it was great. He's got two sequels to Thrawn in the works, but has to wait until season 4 of Rebels sets more canon. Also, found out he wrote Thrawn to be a prequel of sorts for Rebels season 3.

writing worships with Zahn and Stackpole have been totally worth the money so far. And I've found one person to talk about Twin Peaks with - one of the writer guests I've met at Con Carolinas. Also, there's a Twin Peaks panel on Sunday - cannot wait!    

Now, going to bed early cause I am wiped. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 
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 A friend's recent post reminded me to tell you all about the baby bird encounter. Late Sunday afternoon, I'm going into the YMCA, and there's a small tree next to the entrance. One the sidewalk nearby is a baby bird chirping away, in the trying to get attention/I need help kind of way. So I go over and sit down on the step and am like "Hi baby bird, what's up?" It hops over to me, closer and closer, still chirping.

I am very surprised and elated, as a freaking wild bird is hopping over to me, ya know? then I remember the old story that if you handle a baby bird it's mother will abandon it, so making sure there was still space between it and my shoe, I asked it again what was wrong. And it looked up at me and freaking opened its mouth as wide as it would go! Instantly, I'm happy, sad, shocked, and thinking of what I have in the car, which is only chips and salsa. And, lol, for an instant I wonder if I can get it into my hand and if I can get a chip into a form that a baby bird can consume before I realize I can't feed a freaking wild baby bird, what am i gonna do, chew up a chip and spit it into it's mouth like I'm a Ferengi mother?! Ahahahaha! 

And then I felt really bad and embarrassed at my predicament. So I apologized to the baby bird and it hopped away, still chirping for someone to feed it.  I have to assure myself that it's mother was just taking longer than usual coming back with food. 

In other animal news, Marvel Friend's puppy dachshund thinks it can fly, and it is the cutest thing ever when he flings himself off the couch arm into empty space, little legs in Superman position. I don't understand why he hasn't got a cape yet, but I will fix that soon. 


Jul. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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No, its not you, I've been absent again. Last week was stressful at work, as usual, so I've been buried in fandom. But things are better for the moment :fingers crossed:. 

Besides work sucking my soul and arm muscles away, I had a mass electronics failure last week, thankfully not Photobucket related. My sonic toothbrush quit, my tablet, my car radio, and I dropped my phone, giving it a second crack. 

I got a new phone last night, an IPhone, and am very happy. it was also with minimal fuss because Best Buy. And since I could stop service to the tablet, which I don't really really need if I have an IPhone, there's almost no change in my monthly bill. Also, glad to finally be getting away from Samsung products. I plan to buy an Amazon tablet, which is so much cheaper and all I need. 

I was able to get all my photos off photobucket. I supposed it's cause I haven't shared anything from there to LJ in over a year. I've been using Dropbox, and now dreamwidth's cloud. 

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 I intended to wait until I'd had a couple of glasses of wine before watching the Who finale, but the suspense is killing me, so I'm going to go have my heart broke and my blood pressure go through the roof. No, I haven't caught spoilers. I don't need to. I know Moffat, and he SUCKS. And with two women in the finale, he's got twice as much opportunity to piss me off twice as bad. The only real question, is whether someone else will make one final rude comment to Bill about her sexuality before she gets killed off in a meaningless way. 

Okay, this day started off on the wrong foot, I'll admit that. Work was stressful. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong about Moffat. Anyway, here goes....May the Force be with me....
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I finished Heir to the Empire (Star Wars by Timothy Zahn) and I liked it much better this time around. It's actually a great story and very well written, plotted, and put together (except for some minor paragraph/dialogue construction issues and there could probably be a bit more description).

Bonus - lots of pov's. I usually dislike being stuck in only one character's head, so this was a real treat on that count. There wasn't as much Thrawn as I thought, but there is another new secondary antivillain that I didn't remember at all that was wonderful - the smuggler Karrde. His story really tugged on the heart strings at the end. 

Also, I forgot how well described Chewie's homeworld was and where Lando is hanging out now. So, IOW, I am stoked on this series again, yay!  I am thrilled to be enjoying reading science fiction now. :happy dance:

Sadly, the sequel isn't due to arrive until next week, so I'll finish up Thrawn while I'm waiting. Also, since it was 3:30 this morning when I realized I didn't have Dark Force Rising yet, I ordered Rogue Squadron (by Micheal Stackpole, the other writer I'll meet in July).  There might have been some wine involved, lol. It should arrive Friday, so I'll probably have time to finish Thrawn and it before DFR gets here. 

I'm still slowly (mindfully) working my way through Karma Yoga. I think I have two chapters left. 

I also started A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes). I came across this excellent podcast on all the things wrong with Moffatt as a showrunner, and it focused on Sherlock mostly, which put me in the mood. Glad I did, because I forgot how much I like Doyle's writing, or is it Victorian writing in general? Either way, I will now be working my way through the Holmes canon again. Thanks to my younger self for obsessively making sure I have it all :-)  (Cause, yeah, I've spent a little money on books the past month, gah!) 
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Work is trying to suck my soul from me!! Which is why you still haven't seen me on your journals. 

I'm going to try and finish my Missy-centric fic for  who contest today, since it's all gonna end Saturday  :sobs:

First, I had to get last night's Multimedia Experience from David Lynch out of my system. I posted a 'concert' in it's honor here on Terror.  

Hugs and Love everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend :-) 
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Last week - The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost - A++
I already squeed about this book here  and here

Currently reading: 
Athletic Massage - besides massage technique, this is a really detailed review on the cardiovascular, myofascial, neuromuscular, and lymphatic systems, which is good and needed, since it’s been years since I was in school. 

Karma Yoga by Swami Vivekananda - practical and philosophical instruction on karma, duty, altruism, non-attachment, and yoga (union of Self with Godhead). Also has an interesting section on the power of words, and their intrinsic connection to thought and divine power. 

Heir to the Empire (Thrawn Trilogy, Star Wars) - this should be arriving today. I read it back when it was first released, and I did like it, but also found it boring and hard to follow/understand in some parts. Generally, I’ve always preferred to watch sci-fi and read fantasy/horror. But I’d like to change that (since I’m trying to write sci-fi), or see if I like it better now that I’m older and have two more decades of sci-fi and science under my belt. 

I’m re-reading the Thrawn trilogy in anticipation of meeting Zahn next month, and for reading the book Thrawn, and since he’s back in canon now. I like being able to hold my own in geek convos :-) And people are debating if there’s any of the twins and their cousin’s story being told with Ben and Rey, and I’d like to be able to have my own opinion on that. 

Knight in Charlotte (Fantasy, set here in modern Charlotte, NC!) and Dark Space Universe (Hardish sci-fi, part of a series.) These are books I started a few weeks ago. The Secret History shoved them over, and they are now on hold until I catch up on Thrawn. I’m not very far in either, but they both grabbed me and I look forward to getting back to them. 
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I'm still not sure what to say at times like this. I hope none of you, your friends or family were at the concert tonight. I am horrified that an event where lots of young and teen girls would be at was targeted like this, and I'm glad to hear Ariana is okay. But my heart and prayers go out to all those killed and injured and traumatized by this.  Love to all my English friends. 
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Happy Star Wars Day!
(again, to those on LJ :-)

I posted a (ridiculously huge) video tribute to Terror SFFA here

I hope everyone is having a good week. Mine is going, that's for sure. I'm behind on commenting, but you're probably used to that by now :-/  I still haven't watched American Gods, but tomorrow is my day off, and as far as I know, unless I go see B&B (finally!) or Guardians, I'll be home all day, and hopefully catching up with my friends...meaning you all :-) 

For those who don't hear from me, have a good weekend! Love you :-) 


Apr. 27th, 2017 01:20 pm
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 I give up. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong with DW cuts? I just wasted like an hour trying to fix my last post, and I give up. I just don't get it. 

Are you not supposed to just highlight text, hit the cut button, and that's it? Then why doesn't all the text show up under the cut? 

Should the cut text be shaded in the rich text editor? 
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Oh my, lol, not exactly the same after all... Well, I can't figure out how to post the banner from the DW scrapbook, and the 'sticky post' is in the wrong place, but dangit, the discussion posts are up, and that's good for me for now. 

Clan Terror is now on Dreamwidth, yay!  

Terror on Dreamwidth

[community profile] terror_sffa 
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 Quick heads up for those interested - TV Line polls are still open for voting and commenting to keep these show from being cancelled:
OUAT, AOS, New Girl, Timeless, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, and Quantico. 

I don't know if it does any good, but it made me feel better to at least try :shrug: 

Keep or Cut Polls
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I thought recounting another wild dream would be appropriate for my first genuine entry over here. 

But first, I have to be completely honest because I feel like we've grown into a pretty solid friend group, and absolutely no disrespect to those who have been here for awhile, but I do not like change. This is weird. I have never attached to any social media platform like I did LJ. I loved it and thought it was the most perfect way to keep up with people. And, so,  I am grumpy about this. I am sitting in the corner, arms crossed, and pouting at everyone until I get a couple beers in me. Lucky, the store had my new favorite - watermelon shandy by Leinenhugel. 

And now...:drum roll: last night's funky dream: 

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 Oh, why not? I'm just impressed I figured out how to do this. Above is my oldest icon, I think.

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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For friends and visitors new to me, I moved away from my hometown for the first time a little over ten years ago. Though I did travel a lot in my teens and twenties, I had never been away from Knoxville for more than three weeks at a time. I’ll be 44 this summer. Since about six months after moving here, I have had serious issues with homesickness, including nightmares, a spike in generalized and social anxiety/agoraphobia, depression, and a hard to explain mental mapping issue.

One of the things I’ve been doing recently to counteract the homesickness is to find places in Charlotte where I will be comfortable going to on a regular basis, similar to places in Knoxville I would visit regularly. Besides bookstores, movie theatres, and restaurants, ‘pagan shops’ fall in this category big time. So, while on an unexpected break from work, I went to a small pagan shop in the same neighborhood as my job.
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Hey all Black Sails fans. I posted a discussion at Terror for any who want to meet, talk to, and hear from other sad fans.

Black Sails discussion.


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