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I thought recounting another wild dream would be appropriate for my first genuine entry over here. 

But first, I have to be completely honest because I feel like we've grown into a pretty solid friend group, and absolutely no disrespect to those who have been here for awhile, but I do not like change. This is weird. I have never attached to any social media platform like I did LJ. I loved it and thought it was the most perfect way to keep up with people. And, so,  I am grumpy about this. I am sitting in the corner, arms crossed, and pouting at everyone until I get a couple beers in me. Lucky, the store had my new favorite - watermelon shandy by Leinenhugel. 

And now...:drum roll: last night's funky dream: 

I am in a lovely wood, on a pretty day, with my new unidentified dream companion. Out of the trees comes a deer. A white deer, with a white woolly cowl around it's neck. It was also shorter than me, so no it didn't really look like a deer. It came over to us. My companion told me to be easy, and being used to befriending strange cats and dogs, I did the hand out, head down thing. It came over and let me pet it. 

I heard a noise, turned around and saw a bushy red fox approaching (it was normal fox size). Thinking it was coming to attack the deer, I yelled and kicked at it to go away. Then there was more noise, and blurring of the scene. When it focused again, there was a huge bloody carcass laying on the ground, with the deer tearing off a big chunk of it. The deer took it's meal and ran back into the trees. Now, the carcass way too big to have been the fox, but the fox wasn't around anymore, either. And that was the end of the dream. 

I'm pretty sure that's going to go into a Who fic. 

Okay, let's make the magic of crossposting! 
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