Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Oh my Lord, seriously, I can only babble, and only briefly because my brain feels like oatmeal and my arms may fall off at any moment. Four shifts this weekend, which makes eight shifts for the week. But since I somehow haven't canceled cable yet, hmmmm, this extra money will come in handy to pay the new sky high health insurance premium. Yay? Thankfully, I took tomorrow off. Aaaand I am finally getting a massage of my own, yes! Yes!!! So excited.

Most excellent news and oil change place recc - Valvoline. My car inspection is due this month, so I went in for an oil change on my only hour break today. They were able to tell me I needed a new battery or I wouldn't pass inspection, and they sell batteries and do inspections. Ha! I got it all done at one time, hurrah! Which means no errands tomorrow now except the massage and grocery store. Because helpful mechanic reminded me I had time to do the registration renewel online insead of in person, since there's still a week left for them to mail the sticker. Of course, with the battery, I spent more money than I made today, but whatever. At least my car not starting won't be an issue :knock wood:

And that's all I got. Everything I meant to due on Friday (I uh, started drinking...really early...) I will get to tomorrow - comment wise, email, comm etc. I have read a bunch of what going on with you all, just didn't leave comments. HUGS to everyone having a stressful time right now. I love you all! 


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