Mar. 17th, 2017

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Holy crap, y'all. I've never taken a prescribed sleep aid, and well, they work, that's for sure. This one isn't even designed for sleep. It's an antihistamine prescribed for anxiety. Name - hydroxyzine. (lovely list of scary side effects, like hallucination, involuntary muscle actions, and an allergic reaction I'm supposed to call 911 if it happens, but none of that happened last night, whew!)

I switched over from my herbal meds last night. Took the recc dosage 20mg (2 pills) at 10pm with dinner (fried shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, steamed broccolli, harvarti cheese for dessert)

I was feeling it by midnight, in bed by one am (early for me). Alarm was set for 9 am, and I've been awake and doing stuff via my phone for a little while, but I'm just now able to get out of bed at 11:30 am, and I am still very uncoordinated, heavy eye-lidded, and foggy headed. I could easily lay back down and go right to sleep. But, at least they work! Yay! And with insurance, very much cheaper than the herbal meds.

Herbal sleep aide reccs - Luna by intranaturals and Sleep Support by Zen Wise labs. Both around 20 bucks on Amazon, and work well.

Today's my day off, and besides some adulting (AT&T argh!!!), live journal stuff is my number one goal. First, I need to make a list. Lists always help me when my brain isn't working right, lol. Getting in touch with those who have left comments on my email post is already on that list :-) So much love for you all xoxoxo

I will be watching 45 and Germany's leader Angela Merkel's press conference. Oh yes.

I hope all of you are having a lovely day. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you who celebrate it!

Update: This could be better. 3pm - I now have a headache from trying to fight through the brain fog. Three cups of tea, two cigarettes, and a ginseng and I still can't walk from room to room without stumbling into something. I'm having trouble sitting up straight and holding my head up. But I am slowly making my way through my list. Definitely taking a half dose tonight, sheesh. 


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