Jul. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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No, its not you, I've been absent again. Last week was stressful at work, as usual, so I've been buried in fandom. But things are better for the moment :fingers crossed:. 

Besides work sucking my soul and arm muscles away, I had a mass electronics failure last week, thankfully not Photobucket related. My sonic toothbrush quit, my tablet, my car radio, and I dropped my phone, giving it a second crack. 

I got a new phone last night, an IPhone, and am very happy. it was also with minimal fuss because Best Buy. And since I could stop service to the tablet, which I don't really really need if I have an IPhone, there's almost no change in my monthly bill. Also, glad to finally be getting away from Samsung products. I plan to buy an Amazon tablet, which is so much cheaper and all I need. 

I was able to get all my photos off photobucket. I supposed it's cause I haven't shared anything from there to LJ in over a year. I've been using Dropbox, and now dreamwidth's cloud. 

My car radio works sometimes. I need to take it in, obviously, but can't find the time. I mostly need to get an oil change and thorough cleaning before this weekend. 

I'm a little anxious about the convention. It's in a place and city I've never been to - High Point. But there should be a few familiar faces from Con Carolinas there. And I've paid my money for all the writing workshops, and since finishing the Thrawn Trilogy again, I'm even more thrilled to be meeting Timothy Zahn. So, I am going, even if my nerves rattle the whole way there!

My tv shows continue to delight me. I'm once again spamming both Terrors about Twin Peaks, including a review. Doctor Who didn't leave me vowing off the show again, so I count that as a win. I did like Bill's ending very much. Missy made an obvious and stupid mistake, though, that had me cursing Moffatt. But I already have my ideas on how to fix it in my Who series. And I'm keeping my mind open that the new showrunner also has ideas on how to bring The Master back, in keeping with their latest frame of mind. 

Oh, and I placed second again at [community profile] who_contest , woohoo! Of course, I realize it's only because certain other writers have been taking a break lately. Ho hum, I'll enjoy the smaller pool while it lasts (yes, that was a challenge ;-) Love you miss you! 

I had another crazy dream last night. This time featuring both my recently departed cats. It was an action adventure scenario, where I kept having to rescue the cats from...something. I don't remember it all now, but the generic convention hotel was there, as well as my home neighborhood in Knoxville. And my newish mysterious companion was helping me. He carried Jerry while I carried Booboo, who was about twice his normal size. I've been missing Booboo and Jerry a lot lately, so I guess that's why they showed up, but I could have done with a less stressful encounter! 

I guess that's it. I plan to post more about my reading on Wednesday. I've missed a ton of birthdays, I know, and am behind on your all's lives, too :-/  I hope to catch up this week, but I know I have some things to do before going out of town, and I'm still kinda in quiet mode, so I hope no one will be upset with me if they still don't hear from me. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping strength with the Photobucket crap. Love and Hugs! 
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