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 I give up. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong with DW cuts? I just wasted like an hour trying to fix my last post, and I give up. I just don't get it. 

Are you not supposed to just highlight text, hit the cut button, and that's it? Then why doesn't all the text show up under the cut? 

Should the cut text be shaded in the rich text editor? 
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Oh my, lol, not exactly the same after all... Well, I can't figure out how to post the banner from the DW scrapbook, and the 'sticky post' is in the wrong place, but dangit, the discussion posts are up, and that's good for me for now. 

Clan Terror is now on Dreamwidth, yay!  

Terror on Dreamwidth

[community profile] terror_sffa 
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 Quick heads up for those interested - TV Line polls are still open for voting and commenting to keep these show from being cancelled:
OUAT, AOS, New Girl, Timeless, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, and Quantico. 

I don't know if it does any good, but it made me feel better to at least try :shrug: 

Keep or Cut Polls
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I thought recounting another wild dream would be appropriate for my first genuine entry over here. 

But first, I have to be completely honest because I feel like we've grown into a pretty solid friend group, and absolutely no disrespect to those who have been here for awhile, but I do not like change. This is weird. I have never attached to any social media platform like I did LJ. I loved it and thought it was the most perfect way to keep up with people. And, so,  I am grumpy about this. I am sitting in the corner, arms crossed, and pouting at everyone until I get a couple beers in me. Lucky, the store had my new favorite - watermelon shandy by Leinenhugel. 

And now...:drum roll: last night's funky dream: 

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 Oh, why not? I'm just impressed I figured out how to do this. Above is my oldest icon, I think.

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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For friends and visitors new to me, I moved away from my hometown for the first time a little over ten years ago. Though I did travel a lot in my teens and twenties, I had never been away from Knoxville for more than three weeks at a time. I’ll be 44 this summer. Since about six months after moving here, I have had serious issues with homesickness, including nightmares, a spike in generalized and social anxiety/agoraphobia, depression, and a hard to explain mental mapping issue.

One of the things I’ve been doing recently to counteract the homesickness is to find places in Charlotte where I will be comfortable going to on a regular basis, similar to places in Knoxville I would visit regularly. Besides bookstores, movie theatres, and restaurants, ‘pagan shops’ fall in this category big time. So, while on an unexpected break from work, I went to a small pagan shop in the same neighborhood as my job.
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Hey all Black Sails fans. I posted a discussion at Terror for any who want to meet, talk to, and hear from other sad fans.

Black Sails discussion.
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Prompt Puzzle for April 2017 ~ Hints: Creature Feature = Horses | Power Hour = Illusion, Camouflage | Sports and Recc = Racing | Random Descriptor = Trickster

!New affiliate ~ [ profile] fanficfocus ~ A place to get and give positive feedback on your fanfiction. New and multi-fandom. And a very friendly bunch, so check them out!

AMC’s Preacher is now on Hulu. Watch along with [ profile] sabotabby and their recap reviews. Season 2 airs in June.
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Taxes are done!! Hurrah!! And they weren't so bad that I had a meltdown of panic, catastrophic thinking, and self-hate. Woohoo! Also, I owe a bit less than last year. [And yeah, I had the appt today, changed from Friday.]

Then I worked and am ridiculously tired, but I'm just so happy to have this ginourmous monkey off my back.

Right now I'm watching Marvel Friend's latest show I have to watch or he will hound me endlessly about it - Powerless. DC verse on NBC and Hulu. I like everything about it so far, except the main character looks, dresses, and acts so much like modern Clara from Doctor Who that it's distracting. But it's a half hour comedy, so I doubt it's going to upset me, like I'm afraid Legion will (I'm deathly scared of winding up in a mental hospital).

I may not have mentioned this, but the last few years, I've had to become very careful of what I watch, due to my PTSD. Which is why it takes me so long to look at something new.

Okay back to more blindingly good news -

Voltaire is coming to Charlotte in June for Con Carolina!!

OMFG I am so excited, I am actually getting a hotel room this year. Especially since I didn't even go last year. (And I ended up not going to Stevie Nicks last fall, so it is past time for some live goth partying!) I havent seen him live in almost ten years, that last time I went to Dragon Con, and I am just so happy I can't stand it.

Okay, I think that's it, I feel like I"m forgetting something, but I'll be back soon, heehee. I'm going to have lunch with MF tomorrow before work, and then...I have no plans beyond work and LJ for... :huge sigh: I'm gonna be keeping up with you all better, and writing more, and being a better comm mod, and finding a shrink, and finishing Tipping the Velvet, and I am just so relieved. :fingers crossed I don't get another horrible virus, or anything else unexpected, at least for a month, please:

I love you all! Hope everyone's week got off to a good start :-) 
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Hey all! Extremely random babble ahead... (Personal update - Doing comm/LJ stuff. Worked a double today. Tired but in a good mood.)

OUAT - I've got season 4.5 going as my background tonight, and I had forgotten that they had Poisedon be Ursula's dad. Which makes me realize, he could have been brought back to help them against Hades. Granted, there was a lot going on in that season, but still - missed opportunity that would add some nice inter-seasonal continuity (not that that seems to be a large concern, snerk). Especially, as it's Hook in immediate danger from Hades, and Hook that Ursula and Poisedon owe big time for reconciling them.

AO3 - I just discovered that AO3 has stats. My top fic fandoms by hits and kudos are Star Wars and OUAT. My Rebels fic is still way in the lead for maybe I need to work some more on that series, lol.

Twilight - I haven't read or watched them. I did try to read the first and fifth book, but couldn't get through the first chapters. I can't stand her narration voice. But on my day off I watched all the "Everything Wrong With" videos on Youtube....and now I kinda wanna watch the movies. HORROR!!! But, damn, I didn't know the scenery was so beautiful...and there were so many shirtless young brownish men....ahem. Edward is even more awful looking than in the promos, though, ugh. His head looks like it's been squished, and white face looked bad on Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, so....yeah, no.

I also watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes yesterday. I liked it a lot! A whole lot! I can't wait for the next one to come out. I used to adore the old ones, especially Cornelius and Zira. I watched this one because I saw that the apes use sign language (research for my original fic). That culture they are forming in the movie is wonderful, and I wish we could have a movie just with the apes.

Still haven't seen Beauty and the Beast. For some reason, Amazon isn't giving me access to American Gods, that should have aired on the 30th. I already miss Rebels.

Oh and....
Joss Whedon is doing a Bat Girl Movie!
Everybody freak out!!!!
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Holy cow, my head is killing me. No idea why. I shouldn't be hung over, and it's not sinus related. But it's been bugging me since late last night. But that's nothing to the insane dream I had. I've been having better dreams lately, like a couple nights ago, I finally got to Dragon Con on time, and got to hang out in geek/goth/cosplay heaven. I've also not been wandering around alone, but I wake up feeling like I was showing someone around my dream world.

But last night, I ran around my childhood neighborhood avoiding some kind of demonic viking beast with a giant sword. I can clearly remember hiding behind a hill, and watching him behead someone, and the head rolling down the hill, WTF.

Back at my house, my birth mother was there, and we were not getting along, as usual. She had friends over (or were they women I used to dance with?), and one had stolen my car. This is actually something that might have happened in real life, as she 'ran with a bad crowd' as my grandfather called it. At some point, I was trying to avoid being abducted by some large men, and then I flew away at the end. So, not totally bad, but I woke feeling....not right, with that I didn't really sleep feeling, and spent the last few hours arguing with someone I really care about but just can't get along with. I swear it's like Prue on Charmed that time her astral self was bar hopping at night.

But I've had a very productive week (lots of work and cleaning my pigsty mostly), and I refuse to lose momentum, even though I'm getting a very late start today. I took today off to finish up tax stuff for tomorrow. So glad I did.

I'm still catching up with you all and with comments (as usual, I know). I hope everyone is having a good week! 
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New Prompt Puzzle for April 2017 ~ Hints: Creature Feature = Horses | Power Hour = Illusion, Camouflage | Sports and Recc = Racing | Random Descriptor = Trickster

Season finale alert ~ The Magicians on Syfy. Catch up with [ profile] sabotabby and their recap reviews.

Advert: If anyone would like to host a TV discussion, special event, or be a regular reviewer at any of our Clan Members, please PM [ profile] dancingdragon3.
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This is a link to [ profile] paynesgrey's advertisement for commissions. I can testify that they do great work, and I've always been happy with the fandom banners they've made for me.

Commissions Ad
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Well, I had to leave off the new sleep meds. I took a half dose Friday night, and again was in zombie mode all day on Saturday. Not nearly as bad as on Friday, I was able to get out of bed and to work on time in the morning, but I was still yawning....well, I never really stopped.

And I got another head ache, around the same time in the afternoon. This time it felt more like a sinus headache. I didn't think it sounded like a good idea to take prescription antihistamines without a currrent histamine issue.

Plus the meds made me feel....gross. Like I had taken party drugs the night before. So, bye bye. I'd much rather take my herbal meds than feel that way. 
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Holy crap, y'all. I've never taken a prescribed sleep aid, and well, they work, that's for sure. This one isn't even designed for sleep. It's an antihistamine prescribed for anxiety. Name - hydroxyzine. (lovely list of scary side effects, like hallucination, involuntary muscle actions, and an allergic reaction I'm supposed to call 911 if it happens, but none of that happened last night, whew!)

I switched over from my herbal meds last night. Took the recc dosage 20mg (2 pills) at 10pm with dinner (fried shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, steamed broccolli, harvarti cheese for dessert)

I was feeling it by midnight, in bed by one am (early for me). Alarm was set for 9 am, and I've been awake and doing stuff via my phone for a little while, but I'm just now able to get out of bed at 11:30 am, and I am still very uncoordinated, heavy eye-lidded, and foggy headed. I could easily lay back down and go right to sleep. But, at least they work! Yay! And with insurance, very much cheaper than the herbal meds.

Herbal sleep aide reccs - Luna by intranaturals and Sleep Support by Zen Wise labs. Both around 20 bucks on Amazon, and work well.

Today's my day off, and besides some adulting (AT&T argh!!!), live journal stuff is my number one goal. First, I need to make a list. Lists always help me when my brain isn't working right, lol. Getting in touch with those who have left comments on my email post is already on that list :-) So much love for you all xoxoxo

I will be watching 45 and Germany's leader Angela Merkel's press conference. Oh yes.

I hope all of you are having a lovely day. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you who celebrate it!

Update: This could be better. 3pm - I now have a headache from trying to fight through the brain fog. Three cups of tea, two cigarettes, and a ginseng and I still can't walk from room to room without stumbling into something. I'm having trouble sitting up straight and holding my head up. But I am slowly making my way through my list. Definitely taking a half dose tonight, sheesh. 
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Sooo, I had no idea this was going on, but as a disturbing amount of things on You Tube, it is hilarious and a bit brilliant.
What: Rap Battle between Deadpool and Boba Fett.
Who: ERB
Warnings: Swearing. Spoilers for Deadpool and Star Wars.


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