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 A friend's recent post reminded me to tell you all about the baby bird encounter. Late Sunday afternoon, I'm going into the YMCA, and there's a small tree next to the entrance. One the sidewalk nearby is a baby bird chirping away, in the trying to get attention/I need help kind of way. So I go over and sit down on the step and am like "Hi baby bird, what's up?" It hops over to me, closer and closer, still chirping.

I am very surprised and elated, as a freaking wild bird is hopping over to me, ya know? then I remember the old story that if you handle a baby bird it's mother will abandon it, so making sure there was still space between it and my shoe, I asked it again what was wrong. And it looked up at me and freaking opened its mouth as wide as it would go! Instantly, I'm happy, sad, shocked, and thinking of what I have in the car, which is only chips and salsa. And, lol, for an instant I wonder if I can get it into my hand and if I can get a chip into a form that a baby bird can consume before I realize I can't feed a freaking wild baby bird, what am i gonna do, chew up a chip and spit it into it's mouth like I'm a Ferengi mother?! Ahahahaha! 

And then I felt really bad and embarrassed at my predicament. So I apologized to the baby bird and it hopped away, still chirping for someone to feed it.  I have to assure myself that it's mother was just taking longer than usual coming back with food. 

In other animal news, Marvel Friend's puppy dachshund thinks it can fly, and it is the cutest thing ever when he flings himself off the couch arm into empty space, little legs in Superman position. I don't understand why he hasn't got a cape yet, but I will fix that soon. 
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I'm trying not to judge myself for updating my own journal when there are still many of you I haven't gotten caught up with yet, but dang it, I got so much accomplished today, and recently, I can't fight the urge to share any longer.

Marvel Friend visit on Friday:
If you want to read about our silly fight over Star Wars, see last week's Squee/Vent post at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi. The good stuff was waay better.

Backstory - he helped me clear out the family home in Knoxville after my birth mother's death. He's recently gotten the chance to finally go through what he's been keeping in storage for me (in his home office), part of which is the family record collection - my grandparent's (fingers crossed he finds Bing Crosby), birth mother's (hippy jam music and heavy metal), and...

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I am too old to learn new social media, apparently, ha! So, I imported my journal to dreamwidth (same name), and all of you show up on my "also give access to" list. But when I went to "friend" poeple, I hit "subscribe", which seems like a different list. And then there's give access to. I only have "mutual access" with one person, no mutual subscriptions, and no "access from" anyone.

So, um, yeah. It's like I've come home from rehab, only to find my home town now has to move due to a gas leak, or something. And we have to move somewhere that speaks a different dialect. But I'm backed up, so yay.

But, does anyone know what will happen when I try to import the communities? Can I even do that?

Beyond that...work, yoga, mindfulness practise, studying, finance juggling, slowly catching up you all and the Clan. I have tomorrow off, but I'm going into work to give a coworker a massage. But I'm also going to visit Marvel Friend, so that should be fun.  MF claims to have been on 'paternity leave' for the last month, and man, no joke, that baby wiener dog is like a toddler on crack! He is literally a jumping and licking machine! Until he passes out wherever he is...just like a baby. It's too sweet. From now on, he will be known as Marvelson. Blurry pic below cut...

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Okay, so this was my big take away (besides a tamale, flan, and chips and salsa), from my recent visit with Marvel Friend. It's the "movie version" of a video game from the eighties. And it is completely nuts! It's a knight running away from a marriage, and getting into all kinds of scapes, including with a half naked, full-figured nymph, a Danaerys Targaryen look-alike in a sheer gown, talking snakes, and what looks a lot like an Imperial dark force wielder testing obstacle course.

Not friend's locked, because everyone must see this, and hopefully have an opinion. Under cut for opening frame sexiness.
Warnings: video game violence (sword fighting type) and partial nudity.

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