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Yikes, sorry, forgot to mention one underwear scene due to bathing a cat.

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This is my first post about my diet changes. Eating as healthy as possible has been important for me since I can remember. I’ve been studying nutrition (in school and out), eating whole foods, and avoiding pre-prepared food from boxes for decades. But the last few months, I’ve stepped things up a notch, systematically eliminating/decreasing wheat, salt, sugar, hidden additives like sawdust in shredded cheese, and finally mammal flesh (except while on my period).

I am now, quite happily, an ovo-lacto pescatarian. (I have been a vegan and vegetarian before, but have been eating meat again for years now.)

Now, I have to be honest. I never intended to get on the gluten free bandwagon. Blame South Park, lol. My goal here was to add variety to my diet. But eliminating wheat crackers (which I eat a ton of, as I love hummus or cheese and crackers for snacks) seemed to make such a difference (my stomach is flatter than it's ever been, which was never, WTF?!), that I did my own research on modern wheat production, and here we are, getting rid of my beloved whole wheat bread :-/

But the non-wheat crackers are awesome! I tried a bunch of different brands and food formulas before settling on....
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Title: Funniest moments in animal kingdom! Watch and laugh! - Funny animal compilation
Warnings: Cat/monkey being suspiciously close, vomit, urination, one surprise murder-death-kill.

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Title: Goat Babies in Pajamas
Vidder: Sunflower Farm Creamery


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