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Just stopping in to leave my respects to one of my life long favorite singers. I am doing better (mentally, personally, and professionally), and doing what I need to be doing to get my life in order. I miss you all, and I am almost ready to come back. I hope everyone is having a great end of the year/holiday season.

Thank you, George. You brought so much joy, inspired lively singing and dancing as well as debate, and helped many people figure out their sexuality. You will never be forgotten. But I'm happy, because I know that you, Bowie, Prince, Cohen, and MJ are jamming out in Heaven. Be blessed.

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Props to K104.7 in Charlotte, which may be my favorite radio station. Here's what I sung along to on my way to work today. Also wow, what a difference three decades makes. I used to love this first video. Now I understand why I couldn't take my eyes off Tawny, lol!

Title: Here I Go Again
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This is me trying to get my brain going today. Metallica is one of my all time favorite bands. Yet, I have never seen them live. Though once in the halcyon nineties, the only Lollapalooza I worked was the one they headlined for. But I still didn't see them :-/ (Yes, in my head, it is always the nineties. My birth mother was a hippie. I probably have an ancestor who was a flapper. Rock on!)   Source: Metallica TV

Title: Sad but True

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This goes out to everyone on my flist who is also sick. Hope it cheers you up too!

Title: Torchwood series 2 - The Captain's Meet
Vidder: TheCaptainJohnHart

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Personal note - I was lucky enough to have seen the Victory Tour. I still remember those five rising up from under the stage. The only thing you saw of them was light reflecting off Micheal's glove. And yeah, I had the glove, socks, and the blacket jacket with all the zippers. So cool!

Title: Beat It

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