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I suspect that political posts will be a constant from now on. I’ll keep them separate, and try to balance them with food and fun posts. Please, feel free to skip them with no guilt. I know a lot of you use LJ as an escape from the real world, and I do not blame you in the least. But I have always been into politics since birth I think, and this election has woken that part of me up like no body’s business. See my new journal header.

First - kittens!

Last night, I went to the biannual meeting of LGBT Democrats of Mecklenburg (that’s my county, Charlotte, NC). It was my first attendance, and I am very glad I went. Everyone was very nice and welcoming, and there were other new people, galvanized by the election, or being newcomers to the area.
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Most on my flist are being much more specific about their issues with the election results. This is one of those times when my verbal response can only be "Aahhhgg", and therefore, prefer to express myself through visual means. This is also for my benefit, to have all these vids in one place, and for posterity.

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What: Video with lots of stars telling us in a humourous but serious way to vote.
From: Shared from the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal.
Note: This needs to be said, and it's great seeing the faces of our superheroes saying it.
Fave Parts: Bringing up the effect and importance of the Supreme Court.
Tom Lenk’s appearances!
The ending.
And of course, the Mark Ruffulo schtick.
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What: Discussion about the Justice Department investigation into the Baltimore PD. Some about Trump's campaign.
Warnings: Sexual assault reference. Marijuana references. Images that may be disturbing to some.
Notes: Mostly disturbing and depressing, but thankfully, they include a funny cat video at 5:00. I suggest watching it several times before going to the next part of the segment, which is where the sexual assault is discussed.

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What: A Dove commercial.
Why: It seems to have been made for me, personally.
Warnings: Women speaking out against all kinds of isms - so triggers for all except assault.
Note: More about the Real Women in this commercial. (Yikes, by 'real' I mean not actresses! Lords, I hope no one took that the wrong way.)

Personal Note: Phrases I hear on a regular basis at the age of 43 in 2016  -  "but you're too/so pretty/thin"; "young looking"; "why don't you wear make-up/skin tight clothes/heels/jewelry, but not that jewelry because it's strange looking. " "But where were your parents/grandparents really from?"  "I'd never known you were black (or white) if you hadn't said anything." - this is usually meant as a compliment, depending on the 'race' of the person speaking to me.  "You'd.....if you didn't have to be so different/wieird/masculine/geeky..." You all get the idea. I completely expect to get "dress your age" if my hair ever goes grey. And all of the above is why I never show my picture on LJ anymore. I prefer to be judged by the contents of my mind and heart, rather than how my genes combined to produce my body type, and the symmetry and melanin count of my facial features.


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