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I finished Heir to the Empire (Star Wars by Timothy Zahn) and I liked it much better this time around. It's actually a great story and very well written, plotted, and put together (except for some minor paragraph/dialogue construction issues and there could probably be a bit more description).

Bonus - lots of pov's. I usually dislike being stuck in only one character's head, so this was a real treat on that count. There wasn't as much Thrawn as I thought, but there is another new secondary antivillain that I didn't remember at all that was wonderful - the smuggler Karrde. His story really tugged on the heart strings at the end. 

Also, I forgot how well described Chewie's homeworld was and where Lando is hanging out now. So, IOW, I am stoked on this series again, yay!  I am thrilled to be enjoying reading science fiction now. :happy dance:

Sadly, the sequel isn't due to arrive until next week, so I'll finish up Thrawn while I'm waiting. Also, since it was 3:30 this morning when I realized I didn't have Dark Force Rising yet, I ordered Rogue Squadron (by Micheal Stackpole, the other writer I'll meet in July).  There might have been some wine involved, lol. It should arrive Friday, so I'll probably have time to finish Thrawn and it before DFR gets here. 

I'm still slowly (mindfully) working my way through Karma Yoga. I think I have two chapters left. 

I also started A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes). I came across this excellent podcast on all the things wrong with Moffatt as a showrunner, and it focused on Sherlock mostly, which put me in the mood. Glad I did, because I forgot how much I like Doyle's writing, or is it Victorian writing in general? Either way, I will now be working my way through the Holmes canon again. Thanks to my younger self for obsessively making sure I have it all :-)  (Cause, yeah, I've spent a little money on books the past month, gah!) 


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