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Hey there! If you have come by to read some fan fic, have at it! I also post videos and such that I think will appeal to other writers, political progressives, artists, and fan geeks. I hope you find something in here that you enjoy reading or watching. Look to your left. Cheers!

Update 4/19/16: I guess it's time I updated this sticky, as I've been back for awhile, and as you can tell, posting fan fic again. Most of my posts are friend's locked these days for real life reasons. If you friend me and I know you, I'll friend you back. If I don't know you, I won't. I'm funny that way.

Current writing/want to be writing in fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Chronicles, Star Wars: Rebels, Once Upon a Time, Buffy/Angel, Agents of Shield, A Song of Ice and Fire, and maybe even more. My AO3 Archive, where everything is going these days.

Current non-fiction writing: Most of my writing these days can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi, where I strive to be my old amusing self, with scathing, yet squee filled reviews of my favorite shows. [Reviews by myself are on hold temporarily due to Life. But reviews are still happening, and are just as awesome as my own :-)]

New projects: [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts When one prompt isn't enough! [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan (for fans of mythology, fairy/folk tales, and urban legends) and [livejournal.com profile] aanime_fan (for fans of American animation, CGI, video games, and cartoons).

Heroes update: Do not expect any more Heroes fic from me. Sorry, but I burned myself out there. If there's any interest in what I had in mind for Rescue Me, let me know, and I will at least write up a summary/outline for closure's sake.

Original Fiction update: I am still working on my original novel/series - Grey World/Devi Nation. LGBTAIQ science fantasy. I've started posted short fics set in that universe, under original fiction.

Book One First Draft Progress:

73377 / 45000
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First - to my friends in Florida and other parts of Irma's path, I hope you're okay and safe. My prayers have been with you over the weekend. 

Second - if anyone's been wondering if I was kidnapped on my eclipse adventure, I wasn't, lol. I've just been in a very quiet, self-focused mood, working a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically on my self, with good results IMO. But I'd really like to come out of this shell now and reconnect with you all. It'll be in little steps, probably though. I know I said this last post, but then life happened again, lol. 

Weather - The effects of Irma have arrived in the form of cold wind and rain. I'm prepared to lose power tonight, as all it takes around here is a stiff wind, and they're still saying tornadoes could form. 

Metal health -  I'm good, had some ups and down as usual, but really, I think I've turned a corner over here. I'm just feeling really quiet. 

Education - I had a master's acupressure workshop a week ago, that I spent the time since the eclipse cramming for. It went very well. I also started studying/practicing Qi Gong and went back to taking ballet classes. 

Physical health - I've had to go back to eating pork and poultry due to.....needing more fat and protein I guess. I'm still weight training, and with the ballet, wow. I'm always hungry, but I've finally started to gain weight, and am closing in on 150 pounds for the first time in my life. I also have more endurance at work, which is very nice. 

TV Watching - Twin Peaks....just Twin Peaks, man. My mind has been through something real and amazing. Nothing could ever compare to it, and I will probably spend the rest of my life thinking about it. 

New show - Orville!! It's everything I hoped it would be, very fun with a good production level. 

Writing - all over the place - some fics to [community profile] who_contest , and a lot of writing/plotting/world building for Grey World and a new idea for a comedy series.  

I know this was short, but I plan to expand on some of this in individual posts. Take care, everyone. I hope your all's week got off to a good start, weather not withstanding. Love and HUGS xoxo

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Ahhhhhhhh I am as relaxed and irritation free as one should be after a vacation. Unfortunately,  my brain is refusing to cooperate with me after so much action. I got home last night around five and immediately started working on a short story for publication.

Watched Twin Peaks, wrote some more, freaked out over the new Doctor, and went to bed. I slept really late and have been trying to get something done for posting to Terror or here, but so far, I'm just fumbling around, lol. I think I'll eat, get some tea in me, go over my notes from the weekend and try again in an hour or two.  Thankfully, I don't work until 6 tonight. 

Big prelim news though - Timothy Zahn was very friendly, and in a workshop he really liked one of my ideas :huge grin swoon:  I met a  couple localish writer/Twin Peaks fans that are now FB friends.  I learned some awesome info for writing and a few neat things about Star Wars. 

Talk to you all later, love and hugs! 

Con update

Jul. 15th, 2017 05:04 pm
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 Holy Cow, with the exception of one hour to go get autographs, I've been in the same chair all day, 9:30-5. Yeah, at least I'm not racing around between hotels missing half the panels I wanna go to. But also, chairs suck! The last workshop found me sitting on the floor, to escape the pain. I don't know how nine to fivers live like this, ugh. No wonder you get lots of vacations and health coverage-you need it more!

But again, so very happy to be in this workshop. now an hour to try and eat before panel on writing martial arts scenes. Tonight, I should get to see the goth band from Con Carolinas that I liked so much. I'll babble about awesome Zahn is when I'm on a real keyboard. 

Love and Hugs


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Whew, I made it. I was running late, so I didn't check into the hotel or unpack my car for three hours, but I made it to my first panel, a Q&A with Timothy Zanh, literally a minute before it began. And I am so glad I didn't give up hope to make it on time because it was great. He's got two sequels to Thrawn in the works, but has to wait until season 4 of Rebels sets more canon. Also, found out he wrote Thrawn to be a prequel of sorts for Rebels season 3.

writing worships with Zahn and Stackpole have been totally worth the money so far. And I've found one person to talk about Twin Peaks with - one of the writer guests I've met at Con Carolinas. Also, there's a Twin Peaks panel on Sunday - cannot wait!    

Now, going to bed early cause I am wiped. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Jul. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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No, its not you, I've been absent again. Last week was stressful at work, as usual, so I've been buried in fandom. But things are better for the moment :fingers crossed:. 

Besides work sucking my soul and arm muscles away, I had a mass electronics failure last week, thankfully not Photobucket related. My sonic toothbrush quit, my tablet, my car radio, and I dropped my phone, giving it a second crack. 

I got a new phone last night, an IPhone, and am very happy. it was also with minimal fuss because Best Buy. And since I could stop service to the tablet, which I don't really really need if I have an IPhone, there's almost no change in my monthly bill. Also, glad to finally be getting away from Samsung products. I plan to buy an Amazon tablet, which is so much cheaper and all I need. 

I was able to get all my photos off photobucket. I supposed it's cause I haven't shared anything from there to LJ in over a year. I've been using Dropbox, and now dreamwidth's cloud. 

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Work is trying to suck my soul from me!! Which is why you still haven't seen me on your journals. 

I'm going to try and finish my Missy-centric fic for  who contest today, since it's all gonna end Saturday  :sobs:

First, I had to get last night's Multimedia Experience from David Lynch out of my system. I posted a 'concert' in it's honor here on Terror.  

Hugs and Love everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend :-) 
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Happy Star Wars Day!
(again, to those on LJ :-)

I posted a (ridiculously huge) video tribute to Terror SFFA here

I hope everyone is having a good week. Mine is going, that's for sure. I'm behind on commenting, but you're probably used to that by now :-/  I still haven't watched American Gods, but tomorrow is my day off, and as far as I know, unless I go see B&B (finally!) or Guardians, I'll be home all day, and hopefully catching up with my friends...meaning you all :-) 

For those who don't hear from me, have a good weekend! Love you :-) 
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Taxes are done!! Hurrah!! And they weren't so bad that I had a meltdown of panic, catastrophic thinking, and self-hate. Woohoo! Also, I owe a bit less than last year. [And yeah, I had the appt today, changed from Friday.]

Then I worked and am ridiculously tired, but I'm just so happy to have this ginourmous monkey off my back.

Right now I'm watching Marvel Friend's latest show I have to watch or he will hound me endlessly about it - Powerless. DC verse on NBC and Hulu. I like everything about it so far, except the main character looks, dresses, and acts so much like modern Clara from Doctor Who that it's distracting. But it's a half hour comedy, so I doubt it's going to upset me, like I'm afraid Legion will (I'm deathly scared of winding up in a mental hospital).

I may not have mentioned this, but the last few years, I've had to become very careful of what I watch, due to my PTSD. Which is why it takes me so long to look at something new.

Okay back to more blindingly good news -

Voltaire is coming to Charlotte in June for Con Carolina!!

OMFG I am so excited, I am actually getting a hotel room this year. Especially since I didn't even go last year. (And I ended up not going to Stevie Nicks last fall, so it is past time for some live goth partying!) I havent seen him live in almost ten years, that last time I went to Dragon Con, and I am just so happy I can't stand it.

Okay, I think that's it, I feel like I"m forgetting something, but I'll be back soon, heehee. I'm going to have lunch with MF tomorrow before work, and then...I have no plans beyond work and LJ for... :huge sigh: I'm gonna be keeping up with you all better, and writing more, and being a better comm mod, and finding a shrink, and finishing Tipping the Velvet, and I am just so relieved. :fingers crossed I don't get another horrible virus, or anything else unexpected, at least for a month, please:

I love you all! Hope everyone's week got off to a good start :-) 
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Well, I had to leave off the new sleep meds. I took a half dose Friday night, and again was in zombie mode all day on Saturday. Not nearly as bad as on Friday, I was able to get out of bed and to work on time in the morning, but I was still yawning....well, I never really stopped.

And I got another head ache, around the same time in the afternoon. This time it felt more like a sinus headache. I didn't think it sounded like a good idea to take prescription antihistamines without a currrent histamine issue.

Plus the meds made me feel....gross. Like I had taken party drugs the night before. So, bye bye. I'd much rather take my herbal meds than feel that way. 
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Holy crap, y'all. I've never taken a prescribed sleep aid, and well, they work, that's for sure. This one isn't even designed for sleep. It's an antihistamine prescribed for anxiety. Name - hydroxyzine. (lovely list of scary side effects, like hallucination, involuntary muscle actions, and an allergic reaction I'm supposed to call 911 if it happens, but none of that happened last night, whew!)

I switched over from my herbal meds last night. Took the recc dosage 20mg (2 pills) at 10pm with dinner (fried shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, steamed broccolli, harvarti cheese for dessert)

I was feeling it by midnight, in bed by one am (early for me). Alarm was set for 9 am, and I've been awake and doing stuff via my phone for a little while, but I'm just now able to get out of bed at 11:30 am, and I am still very uncoordinated, heavy eye-lidded, and foggy headed. I could easily lay back down and go right to sleep. But, at least they work! Yay! And with insurance, very much cheaper than the herbal meds.

Herbal sleep aide reccs - Luna by intranaturals and Sleep Support by Zen Wise labs. Both around 20 bucks on Amazon, and work well.

Today's my day off, and besides some adulting (AT&T argh!!!), live journal stuff is my number one goal. First, I need to make a list. Lists always help me when my brain isn't working right, lol. Getting in touch with those who have left comments on my email post is already on that list :-) So much love for you all xoxoxo

I will be watching 45 and Germany's leader Angela Merkel's press conference. Oh yes.

I hope all of you are having a lovely day. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you who celebrate it!

Update: This could be better. 3pm - I now have a headache from trying to fight through the brain fog. Three cups of tea, two cigarettes, and a ginseng and I still can't walk from room to room without stumbling into something. I'm having trouble sitting up straight and holding my head up. But I am slowly making my way through my list. Definitely taking a half dose tonight, sheesh. 
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I realized today that I haven't completely updated on what I did during my sabbatical. A lot happened. It won't be all in this post. I got off work early and am still tired. I definitely won;'t be able to keep up this work schedule past tax season. But I have to until then, to be able to pay them. Sigh.

After my massage on Monday, I just sat here all day watching Star Trek TNG and reading about Asian folklore. My mind was simply shut down after all the work last weekend and couldn't take anything too new or possibly agitating. But I also did a lot of stretching, so my body does feel much better. But I've been moving slowly all week. Definitely going to bed early tonight.

I spent Tuesday before and after work cleaning up my hoarder apartment for the maintenance people to come poke the smoke alarm and spray for bugs. They do this at least every other month. This place is looking better each time I have to do one these big cleanings, and it's very nice to come home to a living room that doesn't look like a blizzard of mail hit it, and a kitchen sink not filled with dishes.

I completely understand why working parents can't cook healthy food for their kids. I just cook for me, have a dishwasher and microwave, and it's still an incredible amount of work and dishes, making everything from scratch.

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Oh my Lord, seriously, I can only babble, and only briefly because my brain feels like oatmeal and my arms may fall off at any moment. Four shifts this weekend, which makes eight shifts for the week. But since I somehow haven't canceled cable yet, hmmmm, this extra money will come in handy to pay the new sky high health insurance premium. Yay? Thankfully, I took tomorrow off. Aaaand I am finally getting a massage of my own, yes! Yes!!! So excited.

Most excellent news and oil change place recc - Valvoline. My car inspection is due this month, so I went in for an oil change on my only hour break today. They were able to tell me I needed a new battery or I wouldn't pass inspection, and they sell batteries and do inspections. Ha! I got it all done at one time, hurrah! Which means no errands tomorrow now except the massage and grocery store. Because helpful mechanic reminded me I had time to do the registration renewel online insead of in person, since there's still a week left for them to mail the sticker. Of course, with the battery, I spent more money than I made today, but whatever. At least my car not starting won't be an issue :knock wood:

And that's all I got. Everything I meant to due on Friday (I uh, started drinking...really early...) I will get to tomorrow - comment wise, email, comm etc. I have read a bunch of what going on with you all, just didn't leave comments. HUGS to everyone having a stressful time right now. I love you all! 
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I'm trying not to judge myself for updating my own journal when there are still many of you I haven't gotten caught up with yet, but dang it, I got so much accomplished today, and recently, I can't fight the urge to share any longer.

Marvel Friend visit on Friday:
If you want to read about our silly fight over Star Wars, see last week's Squee/Vent post at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi. The good stuff was waay better.

Backstory - he helped me clear out the family home in Knoxville after my birth mother's death. He's recently gotten the chance to finally go through what he's been keeping in storage for me (in his home office), part of which is the family record collection - my grandparent's (fingers crossed he finds Bing Crosby), birth mother's (hippy jam music and heavy metal), and...

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So, the good news is my pay check is going to be gigantic this week. Hurrah!

Bad news is my brain, arms, and shoulders are mush. I had planned to PM people, respond to posts, post things to myth_fan, but it looks like it will have to wait till the morning :-/

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! 
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I just wanted to post and say that I'm kind of back, but slipping in very slowly. I'm still not caught up on all of you, but I want to get the mind space to do so very soon. The short of my present is that I am spending a lot of time studying, meditating, practising Cognitive/Dialectic Behavoral Therapy and yoga, and journaling. Lots of journaling. It really does a messy mind good, lol! And I'm at my job a lot more. And I've got a new hobby (sketching), and some new TV shows (Blunt Talk, Man in the High Castle, and Elena of Avalor).

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend :-)  I love you all.

An excitingly rare view from my apartment today...
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I'm sorry for going awol. This weekend, work, and  thanksgiving, etc. was awful. Depression yada. And right now I am really, incredibly upset over what's happening in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Those towns and that side of the mountains are just as much home and familiar/missed to me as Knoxville is. I can't deal with this. It makes me want to scream. And ex-work wife moved too, unexpectedly. Last night was her last night at work. Work husband is long gone. and my financial situation is more screwed up than I realized. But I was able to buy an online class for work, so I'm going to go dive into that, because that's the thing I need/have to do right now.

I'm sorry, I'm sure I'm missing important things going on. Please let me know. Take care all. 
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Fare thee well, my friends and loved ones. Think well of me...

Sigh. I had to pick up extra hours at work, so no day off today. And I'm going in earlier than normal. Double tomorrow, and a workshop all day on Sunday. I will probably sleep half of Monday. I may have to pick up hours Monday night. But that might lead to me yelling at one or more of co-workers, so maybe not, lol...

I went to kundalini yoga yesterday, and it was awesome as usual. And today, my arms, neck, and shoulders are very sore, so yay for evidence of hard work! I'm still behind on Lucifer, and unless I get a lot of cash tips this weekend, it looks like no 3D Doctor Strange for me :-/

I'm still having frustrating and disturbing recurring dreams every night. But at this point, I'm just glad Donald Trump doesn't appear in them. And the "house break-in" scene hasn't been in them. I may write about these, I may not. It would be loong ass post...

To people still waiting for banners...it's probably still gonna be awhile. I'm sorry. It looks like I'm going to be working more than usual for the next few weeks, and I have classes to take for work at the same time. So I know my head (or time) just isn't going to be there for a while longer :-/

 And that's my life, such as it is. I hope to get to some LJ posts and comments at some point today. I've been keeping up with reading them, just not commenting. Have a great weekend everyone! I love you all :-) 
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So, first [livejournal.com profile] orangerful posted some Joss Whedon pearls of wisdom, including an Angel quote - “We live as though the world is as it should be, to show it what it can be.” Which reminded me of the Ghandi quote - “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And also reminds me of the Buddhist saying - “Be a light unto yourself.”

Then [livejournal.com profile] black_sluggard recommended this for post-election listening:

Video: Fuck you - Lily Allen. Lyrics HD

Which is fantastic, and I listened to it while making my lunch - mushroom and cheese quesadilla, with salsa, sour cream, and spicy Chow Chow (pickled cabbage, onion, and red pepper, southern style). Then I watched BBC coverage of Britain and Europe’s reaction. Then I went to work, and it was a gorgeous, fall day today. Sunny, cool, bright, with colorful foliage and a brisk wind.
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Maybe I'm numb/hysterical. Maybe this is the zoloft. Maybe it's the current sciatic pain in my leg affecting my judgement. Maybe it was because they chained Trump to his podium, and Hilary took a shot of tequila  before going up. But I enjoyed the "debate" tonight so much, that I watched the entire thing, and didn't go over to the new South Park.

Hilary was fabulous! She kept looking directly at the camera and practically rolling her eyes at Trump. One time, she clearly looked at someone she knew in the audience with "Can you believe this guy?" Then there were the looks she was sending him, like she was fantasizing about taking him out when she gets elected.

And the talking over each other. All three of them. Ha! That was better than the SNL skit. It was like they were spoofing the spoof! And wow, does Alec Baldwin have Trump down. I listened to the first part on the radio at work and on the way home, and Trump sounded exactly like Baldwin in the skit I posted. So crazy. So funny. So sad.

And decided tonight that Hilary is the best person to go up against Trump. I can't imagine any of our past Dems, except maybe Obama, holding their own and striking back against such an overwhelming jack ass. I can only assume it's because she would be used to dealing with men like that all her life, in a way a (priveleged white) man wouldn't be. It takes practice to deflect and fight back against contempt with pose and graceful sarcasm.

On a different note: I highly reccomend foam rollers for glute and leg pain. I've been using the one I got for the cancelled workshop for the last hour, and it's awesome. 


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