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Epilogue - Old Enemies Have a Few Words
Characters: Tempest and Hiro
Length: ~ 700 words
Summary: After sending the Petlars home, Tempest stuck around to fix the damage they'd done to the prison. Hiro wakes up and they exchange some taunts. Details and hints about the future are revealed, including Tempest's family and true identity.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Thirteen – Back At Home

Epilogue )
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Title: Back at Home
Pairings: 5YG Seter, BH Pylar, RM Petlar
Length: ~ 1000 words
Summary: The next day, all six men wake up changed from their adventure. Some realize it sooner than others. Here are hints at what's to come in each universe. Expect to see more changes in the men of each universe as a result of this encounter.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Twelve – Farewells, Final Kisses, and Warnings

Chapter Thirteen )
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Title: Farewells, Final Kisses, and Warnings
Pairings: 5YG Seter, RM Petlar, BH Pylar, BH Sylar/Gabriel (RM Sylar), BH Peter/RM Peter
Length: ~ 2500 words
Rating: R
Contains: minor sexual content
Summary: Handshakes, hugs, and lusty kisses are exchanged as the six men say a temporary good-bye to one another. As Tempest sends them home, she passes out warnings to some, and comforting words to all.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Eleven - Villains are Defeated and a New Ally is Introduced

Chapter Twelve )
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Title: Villains are Defeated and a New Ally is Introduced
Pairings: 5YG Petlar, RM Petlar, BH Petlar
Length: ~ 3400 words
Warnings: mild violence
Contains: OFC, timey-wimey goodness
Summary: The 5YG's true love kiss broke the beast's connection to Peter and saved the day. The hotel's visual matrix shut down, revealing the true nature of their location to the six surprised men. Hiro comes back to start the prison program up again, but lucky for our heroes, the crazy time-traveller's own nemesis shows up in the nick of time. Then things get really weird.

Chapter Ten - Someone is Called, Villains are Revealed, and True Love is Found
DD3's Crossover Event!

Chapter Eleven )
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Title: Chapter Ten - Someone is Called, Villains are Revealed, and True Love is Found
Pairing: 5YG Petlar, BH Sylar/Gabriel (RM Sylar)
Rating: R
Length: ~ 3500 words
Warnings: violence, angst, mild sexual content
Summary: 5YG Peter has been called by the beast. The others are forced to hold him down with telekinesis to keep him from going to his death. The villain behind their incarceration makes a brief, taunting appearance, stunning everyone with his identity. To improve their odds of winning, the five men separate into two teams – one fighting the beast, one trying to break Peter's connection to it. 5YG Sylar finally comes to terms with his feelings for 5YG Peter in a desperate attempt to save his life. BH Sylar and Gabriel's feelings for each other are also revealed.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Nine - Separating Leads Again to New Revelations

Chapter Ten )
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Title: Separating Leads Again to New Revelations.
Pairings: BH Sylar/Gabriel (RM Sylar), 5YG Petlar, BH Peter&RM Peter
Length: ~ 3750 words
Rating: R
Warnings: mental intimacy, angst, reference to dubiously consensual incest with a minor
Summary: The six men go back to searching the bedrooms for the exit. This time they have split up into pairs as some needed space, while others needed to talk privately to their counterparts. Every pair has a heart to heart talk - one comforting, one confusing, and one that leads to a new connection.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Eight - Fed up with searching, being scared, and disgusted, both with the rooms and each other, steam needs to be released.

Chapter Nine )
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Title: Fed up with searching, being scared, and disgusted, both with the rooms and each other, steam needs to be released.
Pairings: BH Petlar, 5YG Petlar, RM Petlar
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 4400 words
Warnings: violence, murder/temporary character death, references to snuff sex and necrophilia
Summary: Exhausted from the fruitless search for the exit room, the men retire to the dining room. Unknown to them, at least one man found “his” room (where in his greatest fear lay, which will lead somehow to his death). Only one man at a time can be called to his death by the hotel. New and even more disturbing details about the BH's sex life come to light, provoking 5YG Sylar to take violent action against BH Sylar to protect what's his. Later, BH Sylar (with RM Peter's accidental help) uncovers similar actions in the pasts of his fellow Sylars.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Seven - Searching Leads to Boredom, Nausea, and Fear

Chapter Eight )
dancingdragon3: (sylar_awesome mind)
Title: Searching Leads to Boredom, Nausea, and Fear.
Length: ~1700 words
Warnings: frightening imagery
Summary: The Petlar trio, couple, and 5YG Sylar think they have figured out what is going on – that they are trapped by aliens in a behavioral psychology experiment. To get out, they must work together searching the hotel's bedrooms for the exit. In a metaphorical way, they are correct. Their search produces many surprises including one possible brush with death.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Six - Reunion, Jealousy, and Finally, Some Answers, Sort of

Chapter Seven )
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Title: Reunion, Jealousy, and Finally, Some Answers, Sort of.
Pairing: BH Petlar/5YG Peter, slight BH Sylar/Gabriel (RM Sylar)
Length: ~ 4400 words
Summary: The new trio return, glowing from their private time together. 5YG Sylar seethes with some nameless emotion and drags his Peter off for a stern talking to. Gabriel and BH Sylar have a heart to heart that Gabriel enjoys a little too much. BH Peter shares some words of advice with RM Peter. Oh, and they all finally get some answers as to what the hell is going on.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Five - People are Still Getting Busy, but Now It's Scaring and Pissing Other People Off.

Chapter Six )
dancingdragon3: (peter_back)
Title: People are Still Getting Busy, but Now It's Scaring and Pissing Other People Off
Pairings: BH Petlar/5YG Peter, RM Petlar
Length: ~ 5100 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexual content, angst
Summary: 5YG Sylar finally finds his Peter, causing all manner of chaos for everyone involved. The encounter triggers painful memories from 5YG Sylar's past. Gabriel tries to help him deal with his complicated emotions. The BH's and 5YG Peter continue to have sex, despite the interruption. BH Peter gives 5YG Peter some words of wisdom, while he and his Sylar try to heal 5YG Peter's heart. The RM's have another heart to heart talk which leads to dry humping.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Four – Some People Get Busy

Chapter Five )
dancingdragon3: (petlar_kinky sex)
Title: Some People Get Busy
Pairings: BH Petlar/5YG Peter, RM Petlar
Length: ~ 4600 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexual content, D/S, blood play
Summary: The BH's take 5YG Peter into their bed and onto their floor, opening his eyes to a whole new world. The RM's have another heart to heart talk which leads to making out. 5YG Sylar searches for his Peter.
Soundtrack Note: If you wanted to read this while listening to “Erotica” by Madonna, then I certainly wouldn't stop you ;-)

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Three – Separating Leads to Unforeseen Revelations

Chapter Four )
dancingdragon3: (peter_dontsassme)
Title: Separation Leads to New Revelations
Pairing: BH Petlar, RM Petlar
Length: ~ 4800 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexual content, angst
Summary: After the 5YG's stormed/scurried out, the remaining four men continued to converse with/attack one another. We learn what has been going on recently with the 5YG's and the BH's. RM Peter accidentally hurts BH Peter's feelings, driving that couple to storm out as well. It provokes the RM's to have a small heart to heart talk which leads to kissing. We get a glimpse into 5YG Peter's head, heart, and pants. The BH's console themselves with sex until discovering a peeping tom, which leads to a new twisted coupling...or rather, tripling.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter Two – Let's Get Acquainted

Chapter Three )
dancingdragon3: (peter_dontsassme)
Title: Let's Get Acquainted
Length: ~ 3800 words
Rating: R
Warnings: reference to rape play, mild sexual content
Summary: Accepting for the moment that they are trapped, everyone goes to the dining room. It isn't long before differences in appearance and behavior start to cause friction, especially between 5YG Sylar and BH Sylar. We learn a secret that 5YG Peter is hiding. Everyone begins hiding a secret from RM Peter. Details about the BH's sex life come to light, shocking everyone.

DD3's Crossover Event!
Chapter One – Arrival

Chapter Two )
dancingdragon3: (petlar_heroes)
Title: Arrival
Length: ~ 2000 words
Summary: We see the arrival of all the couples to the hotel. The RM's and 5YG's work well together while conducting an initial search of their surroundings. Then the BH's arrive...

Prologue – Behind the Scenes

Chapter One )
dancingdragon3: (petlar_heroes)
Title: Behind the Scenes
Length: ~ 270 words
Summary: We see a glimpse at who is behind the abduction of the three Sylar/Peter couples.

DD3's Crossover Event!

Prologue )
dancingdragon3: (petlar_heroes)
Title: DD3's Crossover Event!
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandoms: Heroes and Doctor Who
Note: This is a crossover between my Rescue Me (RM), Five Years Gone (5YG), and Brutal Honesty (BH) universes. It is set in the hotel from the Doctor Who, series six episode, “The God Complex.” The Doctor doesn't make an appearance, but is referenced. Some details about the hotel have been changed for dramatic purposes. This story is complete.
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, Doctor Who, or the song “Erotica”.

Pairings: RM Petlar, 5YG Petlar, BH Petlar, BH Petlar/5YG Peter, BH Sylar/Gabriel (RM Sylar), RM Peter&BH Peter
Rating: NC-17 overall
Length: ~ 45,000 + words in 13 chapters, prologue, and epilogue
Genre: science fiction crossover, romantic comedy/farce, action/adventure
Warnings: graphic sexual content, blood play, D/S, violence, murder/temporary character death, swearing, angst, non-graphic references to: BDSM, snuff sex, necrophilia, rape play, and dubiously consensual incest with a minor.
Contains: OFC, intense fluff, timey-wimey goodness, and a surprise bad guy!

RM – Less than a week after the mission to Primatech in Episode 3/5 of Chapter Four – Nathan.
5YG – Six weeks after “When All Are Demons Who Can Find the Light?”.
BH – Over a year and a half after the series finale.
DW - The day and a half before the episode "The God Complex." Story ends just as the Doctor arrives.

Summary: Three pairs of Sylar/Peters from different quantum universes are trapped in a hotel and they don't know why or how they got there. Over the course of a day, some bond, some have sex, some get on each others' nerves, while most learn new things about themselves. They also try to figure out what's going on and how to get out of their situation. We find out what's been going on with the BH's and the 5YG's lately. The BH's help the 5YG's to find true love. The RM's are chilled when they learn the truth of their incarceration and find out who their adversary is. The adventure ends with a surprise as the six men get glimpses of their futures together and meet a new ally.

Note: For those of you who may be unfamiliar with one of more of the universes, or are behind, I have written up a summary of relevant background information:
Summaries of the Universes, Relationships, and Comparison of Capabilities. No Spoilers for the Crossover.
The Evolution of this Story, Its Connection to Rescue Me, and a Word about the OFC No Spoilers.
Bonus Features This includes deleted scenes and comedic outtakes. Spoilers for chapters five, six, and seven.

Special thanks to my beta [livejournal.com profile] game_byrd, without whose sage advice, this story wouldn't even exist, and all of my universes would be poorer for it.

X-posted to [livejournal.com profile] sylar_peter [livejournal.com profile] dw_crossovers and [livejournal.com profile] heroes_fic

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