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Hey there! If you have come by to read some fan fic, have at it! I also post videos and such that I think will appeal to other writers, political progressives, artists, and fan geeks. I hope you find something in here that you enjoy reading or watching. Look to your left. Cheers!

Update 4/19/16: I guess it's time I updated this sticky, as I've been back for awhile, and as you can tell, posting fan fic again. Most of my posts are friend's locked these days for real life reasons. If you friend me and I know you, I'll friend you back. If I don't know you, I won't. I'm funny that way.

Current writing/want to be writing in fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Chronicles, Star Wars: Rebels, Once Upon a Time, Buffy/Angel, Agents of Shield, A Song of Ice and Fire, and maybe even more. My AO3 Archive, where everything is going these days.

Current non-fiction writing: Most of my writing these days can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi, where I strive to be my old amusing self, with scathing, yet squee filled reviews of my favorite shows. [Reviews by myself are on hold temporarily due to Life. But reviews are still happening, and are just as awesome as my own :-)]

New projects: [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts When one prompt isn't enough! [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan (for fans of mythology, fairy/folk tales, and urban legends) and [livejournal.com profile] aanime_fan (for fans of American animation, CGI, video games, and cartoons).

Heroes update: Do not expect any more Heroes fic from me. Sorry, but I burned myself out there. If there's any interest in what I had in mind for Rescue Me, let me know, and I will at least write up a summary/outline for closure's sake.

Original Fiction update: I am still working on my original novel/series - Grey World/Devi Nation. LGBTAIQ science fantasy. I've started posted short fics set in that universe, under original fiction.

Book One First Draft Progress:

73377 / 45000
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Ahhhhhhhh I am as relaxed and irritation free as one should be after a vacation. Unfortunately,  my brain is refusing to cooperate with me after so much action. I got home last night around five and immediately started working on a short story for publication.

Watched Twin Peaks, wrote some more, freaked out over the new Doctor, and went to bed. I slept really late and have been trying to get something done for posting to Terror or here, but so far, I'm just fumbling around, lol. I think I'll eat, get some tea in me, go over my notes from the weekend and try again in an hour or two.  Thankfully, I don't work until 6 tonight. 

Big prelim news though - Timothy Zahn was very friendly, and in a workshop he really liked one of my ideas :huge grin swoon:  I met a  couple localish writer/Twin Peaks fans that are now FB friends.  I learned some awesome info for writing and a few neat things about Star Wars. 

Talk to you all later, love and hugs! 


Jul. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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No, its not you, I've been absent again. Last week was stressful at work, as usual, so I've been buried in fandom. But things are better for the moment :fingers crossed:. 

Besides work sucking my soul and arm muscles away, I had a mass electronics failure last week, thankfully not Photobucket related. My sonic toothbrush quit, my tablet, my car radio, and I dropped my phone, giving it a second crack. 

I got a new phone last night, an IPhone, and am very happy. it was also with minimal fuss because Best Buy. And since I could stop service to the tablet, which I don't really really need if I have an IPhone, there's almost no change in my monthly bill. Also, glad to finally be getting away from Samsung products. I plan to buy an Amazon tablet, which is so much cheaper and all I need. 

I was able to get all my photos off photobucket. I supposed it's cause I haven't shared anything from there to LJ in over a year. I've been using Dropbox, and now dreamwidth's cloud. 

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Hey all! Extremely random babble ahead... (Personal update - Doing comm/LJ stuff. Worked a double today. Tired but in a good mood.)

OUAT - I've got season 4.5 going as my background tonight, and I had forgotten that they had Poisedon be Ursula's dad. Which makes me realize, he could have been brought back to help them against Hades. Granted, there was a lot going on in that season, but still - missed opportunity that would add some nice inter-seasonal continuity (not that that seems to be a large concern, snerk). Especially, as it's Hook in immediate danger from Hades, and Hook that Ursula and Poisedon owe big time for reconciling them.

AO3 - I just discovered that AO3 has stats. My top fic fandoms by hits and kudos are Star Wars and OUAT. My Rebels fic is still way in the lead for kudos....so maybe I need to work some more on that series, lol.

Twilight - I haven't read or watched them. I did try to read the first and fifth book, but couldn't get through the first chapters. I can't stand her narration voice. But on my day off I watched all the "Everything Wrong With" videos on Youtube....and now I kinda wanna watch the movies. HORROR!!! But, damn, I didn't know the scenery was so beautiful...and there were so many shirtless young brownish men....ahem. Edward is even more awful looking than in the promos, though, ugh. His head looks like it's been squished, and white face looked bad on Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, so....yeah, no.

I also watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes yesterday. I liked it a lot! A whole lot! I can't wait for the next one to come out. I used to adore the old ones, especially Cornelius and Zira. I watched this one because I saw that the apes use sign language (research for my original fic). That culture they are forming in the movie is wonderful, and I wish we could have a movie just with the apes.

Still haven't seen Beauty and the Beast. For some reason, Amazon isn't giving me access to American Gods, that should have aired on the 30th. I already miss Rebels.

Oh and....
Joss Whedon is doing a Bat Girl Movie!
Everybody freak out!!!!
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I'm trying not to judge myself for updating my own journal when there are still many of you I haven't gotten caught up with yet, but dang it, I got so much accomplished today, and recently, I can't fight the urge to share any longer.

Marvel Friend visit on Friday:
If you want to read about our silly fight over Star Wars, see last week's Squee/Vent post at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi. The good stuff was waay better.

Backstory - he helped me clear out the family home in Knoxville after my birth mother's death. He's recently gotten the chance to finally go through what he's been keeping in storage for me (in his home office), part of which is the family record collection - my grandparent's (fingers crossed he finds Bing Crosby), birth mother's (hippy jam music and heavy metal), and...

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] rebecca_selene at NaNoTide Prompt Fest

Happy November, all!
Participating in NaNoWriMo? Writing for Yuletide? Have other storytelling goals?
Throughout the month of November, daily prompts will be posted to Clan Terror to inspire you during your end-of-year writing endeavors.
Feel free to comment on each day's post with a writing status update, completed prompt fill, or a writing selection inspired by the prompt.
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The May Prompt Puzzle has been revealed under member's lock over at [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts!

Power Hour = Wind/Air
Creature Feature = Vampire

Members may post up to three completed puzzles, before the deadline of 11 pm EST, May 31st for bannery goodness.

The awesome people who entered our opening challenge: April 2016 Players Masterlist.

Cheers, and have a great week!
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What the heck just happened? I sat down three hours ago to watch the new Rebels episode, and now have a 600 word slash fic ready for posting. And a new comm I joined just to have somewhere to post it to. WTF?

Major yet vague spoilers under the cut.

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My icon is what I looked like by the time I got home tonight, dangerously close to a sugar crash. But some food, tea, and the new episode of Rebels has me back in a good mood. I don't have to go back to work until Friday and I'm so glad. Because of Valentine's Day, this is our busiest weekend at the massage office. Which means double shifts and so many stressed people trying to pretend they're not fighting with their loved ones. It's intense.

More about what I've been up to under the cut.

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon at Amazon to Sell Fanfiction...
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] stir_of_echoes at Amazon to Sell Fanfiction
Taken From Tumblr

Amazon is working with WB to publish (read: sell) fanfiction from the Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries ‘verses. And they said that more “worlds” will be announced soon.

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Word Meter

Apr. 12th, 2013 01:28 pm
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Well, I have finally gotten a word meter. Woot! Nice, easy one at Word Meter. Naturally, I have yet to figure out how to put it in my sidebar, so it's on my intro post instead. Shrug.

Current progress on rough draft:

35000 / 45000

Hmmm, not sure why it looks flubbed up. It looks fine on the intro post. ::shakes head::
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My True Blood icon is in honor of the wait that is killing me for the new season. I am horribly behind on OUAT. Haven't watched TV in weeks, except for my Rachel Maddow. Been reading and writing like a fiend.

As promised, I have reccs for excellent gay fiction - mystery with strong romantic plotline - The Adrien English Series by Josh Lanyon. Fatal Shadows, the first of five.

The murder mysteries are fabulous, and the over-all romantic arc is very real and has a very satisfying conclusion. There is only one pov character, first person narration (It took me a minute, but I finally got used to all that) - Adrien, a book store owner and mystery writer that becomes a murder suspect. He is investigated by super hot and beefy cop, Jake Riordan. I could not put the books down! However, I should mention I haven't read the third one as I bought the fourth by mistake and didn't realize for several chapters. Shrug. Thanks to Amazon reviews, I know what happens. Not to spoil, but there's a reason I'm haven't read it yet.

I would recc Lanyon's book on how to write m/m fiction but it seems to be out of print and the used copies on Amazon are outrageously priced.

On my own writing front, I am up to 33,000 words on my novella. My goal is 45,000 words and to be done with both drafts, ready to send off by June 30. (That's my fortieth birthday.) So, I think things are looking pretty good.
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Revising with Timelines by Laura Bickle

This is a short blog article about the usefulness of creating a timeline and chapter summary for your story. The blog is from a writing site I am checking out - Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapter of the Romance Writers of America.
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First, some music by tonight's headliner for Charlotte's monthly electronic music event Bass Church:


Writing Update: I am thrilled to announce that I have started back to work on Rescue Me! Currently, I am working on two extra scenes set before episode three. It has been a joy getting back into this universe. I am just sorry that it's taken me so long, but I look forward to exploring the Fugitives plotline more. It was always one of my favorites, with a ton of unused potential.

Other Heroes projects I am working on are for the prompt communities [livejournal.com profile] 13_fears and [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth. I am getting inside Claude's head for a horror fic, squee. And re-visiting the wall setting for a little bit to explore some of Sylar's fears. I also plan to take Petlar to a new, haunted setting. Mwahaha. I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I am enjoying writing them!
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So how about I get my thoughts organized here? I have some deadlines to meet before I can give my full attention to Rescue Me again, which, btw, I am in the process of posting to FFN. There are a few people over there in the Heroes fandom. Most popular pairings seem to be Sylar/Peter and Sylar/Claire. Anyway, back to my WIP's...

1) Due December 24. The [livejournal.com profile] heroes_contest "Chaos Theory". That's the big one for me. It's the final chapter in my 5YG verse series of drabbles and ficlets. And what I had done on it (which wasnt much) was lost with my hard drive. I will start where I did before - by looking up the definition of chaos theory.

2) Due December. The missing scene for [livejournal.com profile] heroes_faves Luckily, I was emailing that back and forth with the beta. All I have to do is find the latest copy and clean it up for publication.

3) Due Saturday. "Breath" for [livejournal.com profile] heroes_contest It's at the beta now. *Posted!*

4) Due December 25th. The [livejournal.com profile] sylar_peter advent calender. I have started this, and have a pretty good idea going I think. But I have hit a fork in the road and I am fighting with my muse on which road to take. I didn't want to write a sad story. I wanted smut, but if I do what my muse wants...hmmm. I am a firm believer in following one's muse.
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I, dancingdragon3, do solemnly swear to work everyday for at least one to two hours on Rescue Me, be it research or actual writing. Forsaking all other fandom challenges if necessary (except the current one I am in), with the exception of writing for my community, [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi  I will be posting weekly/daily progress reports.  Today I went over Sylar's characterization questionnaire for awhile and read more on improving dialogue. (And worked on my challenge entry.) I will work more after this, I promise. 

I ask my flist to help me with this goal in the form of encouragement. I could really use some cheerleading people! Or flogging, which ever you prefer.  If anyone has read it, please let me know you want more! Or if anyone has any advice on getting over yourself to write for fun and forget being perfect, let me know. These how-to books are sapping my will to go on, because they point out all the things I am doing wrong. There's just so much to improve upon! 

This is inspired by the comm [livejournal.com profile] gsd_rtfn 

This is an idea that [livejournal.com profile] game_byrd  and I are doing to get shit done, right the fuck now. I would join the comm, but there is no way I would finish in a week. Or a month. I have at least...oh, about  50,000 words left? EEP! So you can see why I want to get this monkey off my back. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can start on the sequel....and the third part of the trilogy...

Help me!  ::crawls to a corner whimpering::  NO!   ::goes to pull out my outline for RM::  YES!
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Title: Essay on Characterization
Authors: dancingdragon3 and [livejournal.com profile] game_byrd 
Length: ~ 5300 words
Summary: Creating well-rounded and sympathetic characters is the key to a good story. There are countless ways to go about this task.
Notes: This essay was written for my community [info]terror_scifi 

While writing Rescue Me, it gradually dawned on me that I might want to read a book on how to write a novel, since the lessons would surely translate to an epic fic with an ensemble cast. Lucky for me, a recc came across my way for How to Write a Damn Good Novel, by James N. Frey, courtesy of [info]cupidsbow , and the beginning of this essay on characterization was born.

I highly recommend Frey’s book to everyone interested in writing or editing (or as we call it - beta reading) as a passionate hobby or career. He covers the basics of fiction writing from characterization to conclusion to re-writes. And, it is a good read. Frey gives many excellent, concrete writing examples.

Link to essay 
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I put in the new stuff from Rescue Me and got...

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I have no clue who that is. *Edit* Aw, he wrote Fight Club. Well that's neat.

More results, all pretty cool. )

Okay, one more, this one even cooler. )

Okay, fine, one more... )
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Hosted by [livejournal.com profile] dancingdragon3  and [info]jaimie_prufrock 


Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Fall of the House of Usher" explores political and psychological elements of the Gothic tradition. Poe's narrator finds himself uncertain of what is real - and what is sheer madness - as he attempts to console his estranged friend, the aristocratric Usher. Is Usher superstitious, or are he and his sister the victims of the same age old curse that befell his ancestral line?

Read with an eye for emotion, mood, likes/dislikes; words and phrases that had an impact on you, and if it/what about it inspired you in your own writing.

Poe's works can be downloaded free of charge from both the Gutenburg Project and as a Kindle download, whose program is free for Mac, PC, and Android.

And just because the discussion begins tonight, doesn't mean it has to end tonight! Please comment as far into the future as you like...

For brief description of Gothic literature and Poe. )

Poe )
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 Hey everybody, this is my first attempt at embedding a video. Hope it works. It's a talk on nurturing creativity within one's self, and the creative/genius process at work.  Its from the website  TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. 

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