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Some thoughts on how we're headed to the political configuration of 1984 and ending the world. 

Okay, if we go to war with North Korea, let's say Russia joins our side. And then Russia decides to be aggressive and start taking back old Soviet states that are now in the EU, or Central Asia and Muslim or ethnically Chinese.

And since Britain isn't in the EU, they're on our side?

But if Russia starts moving on the EU, then...the EU is our enemy and Britain's. 

And where would China fall? Would they really be on the side that would give their neighbor Russia more strength? Or would this become a three-way conflict, with China taking the opportunity to 'defend' Asia from the Korean threat and the US threat that caused it?

Because if you lived in Japan and got bombed by North Korea because the US president was acting like a jackass, and the US had already bombed you twice, would you still be allies with us? 

Then where does India fall?

And then Pakistan? 

And Iran? Keeping in mind our Middle East ally Israel? And imagining Russia on the move. 

And like dominoes, we've destabilized the entire Eurasian continent. 

Okay, I just had to get that out. Someone please tell me how crazy that sounds. :brittle smile: Please, disagree and tell me how wrong I am. 

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So, I'm watching Seth Meyers and he reports that  Rex Tillerson and a couple other cabinet members have a  pact that they'll stand together if 45 starts attacking one of them. I know it's reaching for clouds, but can I start hoping that the people around him will step in to stop him if he tries to start a war with North Korea? Can I at least have that? 
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The Daily Show is live, and by far, has the best coverage. Because it's funny and they can express how disgusted they are. 
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Maybe I'm numb/hysterical. Maybe this is the zoloft. Maybe it's the current sciatic pain in my leg affecting my judgement. Maybe it was because they chained Trump to his podium, and Hilary took a shot of tequila  before going up. But I enjoyed the "debate" tonight so much, that I watched the entire thing, and didn't go over to the new South Park.

Hilary was fabulous! She kept looking directly at the camera and practically rolling her eyes at Trump. One time, she clearly looked at someone she knew in the audience with "Can you believe this guy?" Then there were the looks she was sending him, like she was fantasizing about taking him out when she gets elected.

And the talking over each other. All three of them. Ha! That was better than the SNL skit. It was like they were spoofing the spoof! And wow, does Alec Baldwin have Trump down. I listened to the first part on the radio at work and on the way home, and Trump sounded exactly like Baldwin in the skit I posted. So crazy. So funny. So sad.

And decided tonight that Hilary is the best person to go up against Trump. I can't imagine any of our past Dems, except maybe Obama, holding their own and striking back against such an overwhelming jack ass. I can only assume it's because she would be used to dealing with men like that all her life, in a way a (priveleged white) man wouldn't be. It takes practice to deflect and fight back against contempt with pose and graceful sarcasm.

On a different note: I highly reccomend foam rollers for glute and leg pain. I've been using the one I got for the cancelled workshop for the last hour, and it's awesome. 
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What: Video with lots of stars telling us in a humourous but serious way to vote.
From: Shared from the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal.
Note: This needs to be said, and it's great seeing the faces of our superheroes saying it.
Fave Parts: Bringing up the effect and importance of the Supreme Court.
Tom Lenk’s appearances!
The ending.
And of course, the Mark Ruffulo schtick.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon at Because it needs saying...
(Big Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raynedanser for the heads up on this one!):

Stop Immoral Price Gouging for Epi Pen (A MoveOn Petition)

CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years (Forbes article)

Honestly, this shot has gotten ridiculous. As more and more people are affected by inequality and the impact of such on their health and in medicine in general, you would think the drug companies would be halfway aware that no one is keen on their bullshit anymore. There is no excuse for this. None. The epipen saves thousands of lives a year, but it is expensive in and of itself. It is only good for one year and it has to be repurchased - the price is so prohibitive it is staggering. How much is your life worth? That is what this is asking. And sadly, too many people will not be able to afford this life-saving device because of its increased cost. And there is no need or reason for it, but sheer, unadulterated greed. Disgusting really. And pointless. The levels at which this will affect most of the populace is mind-boggling. Those who profit do so at the lives of others. And it sickens and enrages me. I just wanna shake these people and scream 'YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY. BUT DEAD PEOPLE CAN'T PAY!!' and maybe show them how making it more affordable does nothing BUT line their already bulging pockets. But it would be like talking to a wall. It's amazing how greed can impact a whole range of people. And it never starts being acceptable. Ever. [Text by phoenix dragon]
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What: Discussion about the Justice Department investigation into the Baltimore PD. Some about Trump's campaign.
Warnings: Sexual assault reference. Marijuana references. Images that may be disturbing to some.
Notes: Mostly disturbing and depressing, but thankfully, they include a funny cat video at 5:00. I suggest watching it several times before going to the next part of the segment, which is where the sexual assault is discussed.


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