Jan. 10th, 2017

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] rebecca_selene at NaNoTide Prompt Fest: Day 23

Participating in NaNoWriMo? Writing for Yuletide? Have other storytelling goals?
Throughout the month of November, daily prompts will be posted to Clan Terror to inspire you during your end-of-year writing endeavors.
Feel free to comment on each day's post with a writing status update, completed prompt fill, or a writing selection inspired by the prompt.

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Welp, this is it. Eight years ago I drove alone to DC, a place I'd never been to watch Obama's first inarguration. And I got off work early tonight to watch his farewell address live. So glad I did. I've already teared up and he hasn't even said anything yet. 
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I love you Obama. You are the father of our nation.

So, I’m wiped. I won’t get to responding on any journal or other correspondence tonight, but hopefully I'll get up at a decent hour tomorrow. I won’t be watching the new Agents of Shield until tomorrow. I’m currently glued to MSNBC (and The Rachel) because I’ll be canceling cable soon :-/  Epsom salt bath, foam rolling my butt, journaling, then bed, woohoo!

I hope everyone is having a good night. I know I am. I’m sad, but also very hopeful and fired up. Love you all!
My rough draft highlights of the speech... )


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