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Hey there! If you have come by to read some fan fic, have at it! I also post videos and such that I think will appeal to other writers, political progressives, artists, and fan geeks. I hope you find something in here that you enjoy reading or watching. Look to your left. Cheers!

Update 4/19/16: I guess it's time I updated this sticky, as I've been back for awhile, and as you can tell, posting fan fic again. Most of my posts are friend's locked these days for real life reasons. If you friend me and I know you, I'll friend you back. If I don't know you, I won't. I'm funny that way.

Current writing/want to be writing in fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Chronicles, Star Wars: Rebels, Once Upon a Time, Buffy/Angel, Agents of Shield, A Song of Ice and Fire, and maybe even more. My AO3 Archive, where everything is going these days.

Current non-fiction writing: Most of my writing these days can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] terror_scifi, where I strive to be my old amusing self, with scathing, yet squee filled reviews of my favorite shows. [Reviews by myself are on hold temporarily due to Life. But reviews are still happening, and are just as awesome as my own :-)]

New projects: [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts When one prompt isn't enough! [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan (for fans of mythology, fairy/folk tales, and urban legends) and [livejournal.com profile] aanime_fan (for fans of American animation, CGI, video games, and cartoons).

Heroes update: Do not expect any more Heroes fic from me. Sorry, but I burned myself out there. If there's any interest in what I had in mind for Rescue Me, let me know, and I will at least write up a summary/outline for closure's sake.

Original Fiction update: I am still working on my original novel/series - Grey World/Devi Nation. LGBTAIQ science fantasy. I've started posted short fics set in that universe, under original fiction.

Book One First Draft Progress:

73377 / 45000
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Hey all! I just wanted to check in and say thank you to all the supportive comments that you've left that I haven't gotten to. I just got back home a couple of hours ago and I am wiped. But I had a fantastic visit! It went far beyond anything I could have expected, if I was allowing my self to have expectations anymore. (Mindfulness, non-attachment, etc.) 

I may not be around much this week. A co-worker asked me to dog sit (which makes me feel so good, that he trusts me to do this for him, and felt like he could ask me!) So I'll be going by his place when I get up and after work, which will take a lot of time out of my day because  Charlotte is too big. I swear, I did more in Knoxville in one 24 hour period than I do in a week here, because it's so nice and compact. Seriously, my hotel, the club, a friend's house, and where we went to dinner were all in a five minute radios. As was the big book store I always look forward to going to. And I had time to visit the ex twice! And drive all over UT campus, and downtown, and the Old City...and just....did I mention that I had a fantastic time? 

I have a lot more to share, but of course, I got a story idea on the drive, so I want to get that down before I go to bed. 

I love you all. Hope everyone had a great weekend, too! 
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Some thoughts on how we're headed to the political configuration of 1984 and ending the world. 

Okay, if we go to war with North Korea, let's say Russia joins our side. And then Russia decides to be aggressive and start taking back old Soviet states that are now in the EU, or Central Asia and Muslim or ethnically Chinese.

And since Britain isn't in the EU, they're on our side?

But if Russia starts moving on the EU, then...the EU is our enemy and Britain's. 

And where would China fall? Would they really be on the side that would give their neighbor Russia more strength? Or would this become a three-way conflict, with China taking the opportunity to 'defend' Asia from the Korean threat and the US threat that caused it?

Because if you lived in Japan and got bombed by North Korea because the US president was acting like a jackass, and the US had already bombed you twice, would you still be allies with us? 

Then where does India fall?

And then Pakistan? 

And Iran? Keeping in mind our Middle East ally Israel? And imagining Russia on the move. 

And like dominoes, we've destabilized the entire Eurasian continent. 

Okay, I just had to get that out. Someone please tell me how crazy that sounds. :brittle smile: Please, disagree and tell me how wrong I am. 

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So, I'm watching Seth Meyers and he reports that  Rex Tillerson and a couple other cabinet members have a  pact that they'll stand together if 45 starts attacking one of them. I know it's reaching for clouds, but can I start hoping that the people around him will step in to stop him if he tries to start a war with North Korea? Can I at least have that? 
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I got back into reading Sherlock stories last week. I took a break from fiction while I was studying (cramming) for the acupressure workshop. Before that, I finished A Study in Scarlet and thoroughly enjoyed it, again. 
I know I’ve read SS as least four times now, but somehow, I always forget the big non-sequitur into the American West. And Mormons! That’s odd, right, it’s not just me?  But Watson and Holmes introduction to one another was more meaningful this time, due to recognizing Watson’s PTSD and Holmes’ spectrum behaviors. 
I plan to read Sign of Four as soon as I can find where the little paperback of the first two novels is buried under old mail and other books. In the meantime, I’m skipping my way through the collected Adventures and Memoirs. I’ve been reading stories I don’t remember and that don’t have any highlights in my book. 
The Stockbroker’s Clerk
The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb
The Greek Interpreter - This is the case that introduces Mycroft and the Diogenes Club, which in canon Mycroft helped start due to his antisocial nature. I’m very glad I read this before watching Sherlock’s special set in the 1800’s, as I had forgotten Mycroft’s original, obese, description.
What stood out for me in these stories, is how often the antagonists escape from Holmes in the end, ‘never to be heard from again.’ It drives home the difference between Sherlock of Moffat, who is a straight up super hero, and the real Holmes, who is just a man, albeit of incredible attention and deductive abilities. 
Which goes back to Mycroft being introduced as Holmes' intellectual superior. Doyle is emphasizing that is isn’t just intelligence required, but also drive, determination, endurance, and the ability to practically apply one’s knowledge - all characteristics Mycroft lacks (at least in canon.) What truly makes Sherlock the best detective isn't his super intellect, it's balancing it with physical and psychological strength. Just like he balances his ascetic study with self defense and weapons training, recreational drug use, and music appreciation. Holmes is my favorite Renaissance Man. 
Edit: Also read Chasing the Dragon by Alexandra Christian, who is a localish writer I met at ConGregate. Its Sherlock Holmes, from Holmes POV. Very different but very enjoyable.

Bedtime reading is currently the Bhagavad Gita.
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First, so many condolences to those who were in Vegas last night or have someone who was. Sending you strength and love.
Cheers to the off duty cops and veterans attending the concert who jumped to help the wounded.  


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If you haven't been keeping up with Puerto Rico's crisis, and have a slow Saturday ahead of you, please consider watching these videos. Even though throwing money at the problem is the best most of us can do, and isn't really what it is needed, I still think it's important to get an understanding of what it is going on.

The second video goes into detail on how Puerto Rico's financial crisis was exacerbated by US policy towards it's territories and puts 45's comments and lazy response in greater context, one he probably doesn't understand himself.

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Do you ever forget that you aren't supposed to let your obsessions come between you and the world? Obviously, I just did, which is funny since one of my current obsessions is seeing how Sherlock ended. I just had to forcefully stop watching the last episode. I don't have nearly enough time to finish before work. I need to do other shit.

Mostly I have been wanting to come talk to you all for days, but before work it's been...oh lets just watch a few minutes of Sherlock while I wake up and do a little exercise, then an hour later I'm engulfed and before I know it it's time to go to work. And after work it's been let me just write down this one idea that I got at work and then I'll.....and then a couple hours later, I'm tipsy and have I've written another few hundred words of either world building, plot ideas, or dialogue snipits. 

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I'm going to see Wrath of Khan on the big screen tomorrow! It is being shown tomorrow and a few days ago for the 35th anniversary. I just found out about this before work today, and I cannot believe how little advertising it's gotten, grrr. But whatever, my manager is actually letting me come in late so I can go watch it. !!!!!!! Yeah, gonna have to love her forever for this. This is my favorite movie of all time :swoon: 

If anyone is interested - Wrath of Khan on Fandango. We (or I) will be discussing this on Terror for sure. So excited! 
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Life and death. Good and evil. I did not expect this show to get so deep and real. I did not expect Preacher’s finale to be as good as it was, but it was filled with so many heart stopping moments, I had to come talk about it for a second. My heart is still pounding and the taste of tears is still in the back of my throat. Jesus effing Christ on a cross, I was not prepared for that in the best way.

Cassidy....just Cassidy. He took a journey that was, again, not what I was expecting. Definitely my favorite part of the episode. One fight scene was hilarious poetry in motion, the other was gut wrenching. So many times I found myself clutching my hands in front of my face and at one cliffhanger moment, I swear it felt like my heart stopped. When did I get so invested in these characters?!

Also, I am very interested in what’s going on in Hell and hope they follow through with that next season. Okay, I need to go calm down before work, sheesh.

BTW, I have been catching up your all’s posts, but no, not leaving many comments yet. I suck, I know :-/ But I’m just happy to be getting back in the swing of things. Have a good day, everyone!  

Oh, and I didn't lose power last night, though many people did and there are trees down all over Charlotte :-/ I thank Murphy's Law - I over prepared, so of course nothing happened, lol. 
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Voltron - still haven't rewatched the first seasons, but that's top of my list. 
AHS Cult - it's probably going to traumatize me, but after a few years away, I'm planning to give this new season of American Horror Story a chance. 
Defenders - I recently admitted to myself that for the most part, I don't like the Netflix section of the MCU. I never finished watching season 2 of DD, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist. But I will watch the Defenders so at least to have an opinion to share with Marvel Friend, LJ'ers and people at conventions. 
Agents of Shield - oh yeah, very excited and planning to review it. Fingers crossed that I have the time. 
Inhumans - I had hopes, but have heard very bad things about the movie. But I'll still watch it in case it crosses with AOS. 
Once Upon a Time - I am not planning to watch. The trailer I've seen was...not to my liking. And no, I still haven't watched the finale, and may not. Because I'm like that sometimes. 
Lucifer - planning to watch for sure. 
Orville - this is the new show I'm most excited about. It looks like so much fun, and has an actress from Eureka and Bobby from AOS. 
Star Trek Discovery - No. I'm fine with watching real Star Trek on Amazon, thank you. (And now I have Orville.)
Rebels - I'm as nervous as I am excited. People are going to die and it's going to break my heart. If I can, I will definitely review.
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First - to my friends in Florida and other parts of Irma's path, I hope you're okay and safe. My prayers have been with you over the weekend. 

Second - if anyone's been wondering if I was kidnapped on my eclipse adventure, I wasn't, lol. I've just been in a very quiet, self-focused mood, working a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically on my self, with good results IMO. But I'd really like to come out of this shell now and reconnect with you all. It'll be in little steps, probably though. I know I said this last post, but then life happened again, lol. 

Weather - The effects of Irma have arrived in the form of cold wind and rain. I'm prepared to lose power tonight, as all it takes around here is a stiff wind, and they're still saying tornadoes could form. 

Metal health -  I'm good, had some ups and down as usual, but really, I think I've turned a corner over here. I'm just feeling really quiet. 

Education - I had a master's acupressure workshop a week ago, that I spent the time since the eclipse cramming for. It went very well. I also started studying/practicing Qi Gong and went back to taking ballet classes. 

Physical health - I've had to go back to eating pork and poultry due to.....needing more fat and protein I guess. I'm still weight training, and with the ballet, wow. I'm always hungry, but I've finally started to gain weight, and am closing in on 150 pounds for the first time in my life. I also have more endurance at work, which is very nice. 

TV Watching - Twin Peaks....just Twin Peaks, man. My mind has been through something real and amazing. Nothing could ever compare to it, and I will probably spend the rest of my life thinking about it. 

New show - Orville!! It's everything I hoped it would be, very fun with a good production level. 

Writing - all over the place - some fics to [community profile] who_contest , and a lot of writing/plotting/world building for Grey World and a new idea for a comedy series.  

I know this was short, but I plan to expand on some of this in individual posts. Take care, everyone. I hope your all's week got off to a good start, weather not withstanding. Love and HUGS xoxo

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So, I've finally gotten eclipse fever. I'll be honest, at first I was put off by all the hoopla, due to what I consider hypocrisy coming from many of my fellow Americans. Remember, this is the country where at least a third of the population still denies climate change, evolution, dinosaurs, and other basic scientific 'facts'. So to see so many people get excited about a celestial event, one that has been predicted to happen due to the privilege of scientific knowledge, kinda leaves me cold. But that's their cognitive dissonance to reconcile. In the spirit of my positive trip driving up to High Point, I am going to use it  as an opportunity to explore more of my new home state and hopefully have a meaningful spiritual experience. 

But first...where to watch it? Columbia, SC is going to be a major circus, with extra cops, state troopers, etc. So, not going that way. I compared the path of the eclipse with a local map, and came up with a town two hours away called Traveler's Rest (isn't that a great name?), north of Greenville, SC. I'll have to leave the interstate and take a highway to get there. Which is part of the point.

There is a big party there in a park, which I'll drive by. But if the crowd is too big, I'm just going to find a Walmart or Target to park in to watch it. I'm very excited. Planning to borrow my manager's cooler again, and make a whole adventure of it. A quick investigation came up with an old rail road called Swamp Rabbit Trail, that's apparently inspired the names of at least one local bar and a green-way that goes to Greenville. So...fuck yeah, right? That is why I still love to be from the South. Where else are there place names like Swamp Rabbit Trail? 

And that's about all I have the energy to report right now. I hope everyone is having a good week! 
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Monday was my day off, but for some reason (Charlottesville etc) I was feeling very low and mopey. Thankfully, my spirits, muse, or whoever was watching out for me....

I spent the first part of the day drinking and finishing up a Who fic. Then 'took a nap'. I woke up to Everything Wrong With John Carter playing on YouTube, but what I see is the gorgeous James Purefoy from Rome, and I'm like, when the fuck was he in a space opera! And how do I not know about this movie?! I jump right up and hit pause so as not to spoil myself, and do a quick investigation. See Purefoy isn't in top billing and that this movie is based on a book...so I look that up, and a little while later, I have been sucked into another, wonderful world. 

John Carter by Edgar Rice Borroughs     A-

First published in 1912, I think this might be the first Gary Stu, and it is freaking hilarious! I literally had to stop to do eyerolls at some of his Awesome Prowess scenes (the anti-communal living speeches, the way he writes about the love interest., and ye gods the racism!). But it is also incredibly imaginative, obviously inspired a ton of modern SFF, and anticipated wireless long range communications, television, factory farming, and more. I finished the first book A Princess of Mars last night, and can't wait to start the next one.  It's silly, fun, and takes my mind off the coming [insert Trump involved horror here], so yay! 

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Trigger warning: sexual assault as entertainment

Had an appointment with a new doctor yesterday. You know what that means...new med time! Who says the seventies are over? They so aren't. Just get your mystery pills from docs and they're even tax deductible. This one might be a keeper though. 

Now, I went in determined to be firm, and stay on just the Sertraline and Buspar. No new sleep zombie meds. But darn it, this new doctor seemed so competent, and has the motto that the patient should have the main say in their med dispensation, that I took another chance, and mentioned wanting sleep meds that would be covered under my insurance and tax deductible. My herbal sleep aids aren't because they aren't prescribed. It's only 250$ a year, but still. 

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Ahhhhhhhh I am as relaxed and irritation free as one should be after a vacation. Unfortunately,  my brain is refusing to cooperate with me after so much action. I got home last night around five and immediately started working on a short story for publication.

Watched Twin Peaks, wrote some more, freaked out over the new Doctor, and went to bed. I slept really late and have been trying to get something done for posting to Terror or here, but so far, I'm just fumbling around, lol. I think I'll eat, get some tea in me, go over my notes from the weekend and try again in an hour or two.  Thankfully, I don't work until 6 tonight. 

Big prelim news though - Timothy Zahn was very friendly, and in a workshop he really liked one of my ideas :huge grin swoon:  I met a  couple localish writer/Twin Peaks fans that are now FB friends.  I learned some awesome info for writing and a few neat things about Star Wars. 

Talk to you all later, love and hugs! 

Con update

Jul. 15th, 2017 05:04 pm
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 Holy Cow, with the exception of one hour to go get autographs, I've been in the same chair all day, 9:30-5. Yeah, at least I'm not racing around between hotels missing half the panels I wanna go to. But also, chairs suck! The last workshop found me sitting on the floor, to escape the pain. I don't know how nine to fivers live like this, ugh. No wonder you get lots of vacations and health coverage-you need it more!

But again, so very happy to be in this workshop. now an hour to try and eat before panel on writing martial arts scenes. Tonight, I should get to see the goth band from Con Carolinas that I liked so much. I'll babble about awesome Zahn is when I'm on a real keyboard. 

Love and Hugs


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Whew, I made it. I was running late, so I didn't check into the hotel or unpack my car for three hours, but I made it to my first panel, a Q&A with Timothy Zanh, literally a minute before it began. And I am so glad I didn't give up hope to make it on time because it was great. He's got two sequels to Thrawn in the works, but has to wait until season 4 of Rebels sets more canon. Also, found out he wrote Thrawn to be a prequel of sorts for Rebels season 3.

writing worships with Zahn and Stackpole have been totally worth the money so far. And I've found one person to talk about Twin Peaks with - one of the writer guests I've met at Con Carolinas. Also, there's a Twin Peaks panel on Sunday - cannot wait!    

Now, going to bed early cause I am wiped. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 
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 A friend's recent post reminded me to tell you all about the baby bird encounter. Late Sunday afternoon, I'm going into the YMCA, and there's a small tree next to the entrance. One the sidewalk nearby is a baby bird chirping away, in the trying to get attention/I need help kind of way. So I go over and sit down on the step and am like "Hi baby bird, what's up?" It hops over to me, closer and closer, still chirping.

I am very surprised and elated, as a freaking wild bird is hopping over to me, ya know? then I remember the old story that if you handle a baby bird it's mother will abandon it, so making sure there was still space between it and my shoe, I asked it again what was wrong. And it looked up at me and freaking opened its mouth as wide as it would go! Instantly, I'm happy, sad, shocked, and thinking of what I have in the car, which is only chips and salsa. And, lol, for an instant I wonder if I can get it into my hand and if I can get a chip into a form that a baby bird can consume before I realize I can't feed a freaking wild baby bird, what am i gonna do, chew up a chip and spit it into it's mouth like I'm a Ferengi mother?! Ahahahaha! 

And then I felt really bad and embarrassed at my predicament. So I apologized to the baby bird and it hopped away, still chirping for someone to feed it.  I have to assure myself that it's mother was just taking longer than usual coming back with food. 

In other animal news, Marvel Friend's puppy dachshund thinks it can fly, and it is the cutest thing ever when he flings himself off the couch arm into empty space, little legs in Superman position. I don't understand why he hasn't got a cape yet, but I will fix that soon. 


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