Jan. 12th, 2017

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I am too old to learn new social media, apparently, ha! So, I imported my journal to dreamwidth (same name), and all of you show up on my "also give access to" list. But when I went to "friend" poeple, I hit "subscribe", which seems like a different list. And then there's give access to. I only have "mutual access" with one person, no mutual subscriptions, and no "access from" anyone.

So, um, yeah. It's like I've come home from rehab, only to find my home town now has to move due to a gas leak, or something. And we have to move somewhere that speaks a different dialect. But I'm backed up, so yay.

But, does anyone know what will happen when I try to import the communities? Can I even do that?

Beyond that...work, yoga, mindfulness practise, studying, finance juggling, slowly catching up you all and the Clan. I have tomorrow off, but I'm going into work to give a coworker a massage. But I'm also going to visit Marvel Friend, so that should be fun.  MF claims to have been on 'paternity leave' for the last month, and man, no joke, that baby wiener dog is like a toddler on crack! He is literally a jumping and licking machine! Until he passes out wherever he is...just like a baby. It's too sweet. From now on, he will be known as Marvelson. Blurry pic below cut...

See Marvel Friend's puppy son )


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